Wednesday, March 26, 2008

adalgisa campos

Been meditating on this drawing by Brazilian artist Adalgisa Campos.
Her work is so fine and clear, and I love that it's not about any kind of minimalism, but uses its own austerity to mask an obsession with innumerable calculations. Her practice is an obsessive record of a multitude of measurements, like the floor plans of every room she's ever been in, or how many ways there are to document the layout of a piece of graph paper. I can't find much on her online, except on this post on Sydney's blog, about half way down the page.
It snowed yesterday, and I've had quite enough. Maybe we should meet somewhere closer to the equator?
the baroness


Adalgisa Campos said...

hey, sarah, it's you, isn't it?
here i am, under a tropical autumn rain. it was fun to read your post about the measurements... minutes ago i was writting something about somehow getting back to them... trying to get them togheter with the work i'm doing since 2006...
i have been looking at your blog (the other one) from time to time, and like it a lot.
hope to hear more from you soon...

open to cool said...

I am so happy to find you through this blog - what a nice surprise. I just noticed your post today. Send me an email if you can ( Sydney said you had a baby last year - I have a two year old and we are expecting a second in the fall.
With love and pancakes,