Thursday, December 31, 2009


dearest j

lovely baubles and bubbles -
here are mine for you
from jean pelle on etsy.

sounds like you've had a fantastic holiday.
snow and scones, thrifting, and a library after my own heart
(never mind the fine company!)

ours has of course been crazy
and i'm happy to be drinking champagne in my pyjamas.

love to you
here's to 2010 and all the magic it will bring

Happy New Year's darling

darling s.

why go out tonight when you could wear this LV bib necklace and curl up by the fire as it pretty much has celebration written all over it.
isn't is gorgeous?

i hope there is some bubbles in your evening and my wee toast to you -
'here's looking at you kid and all the great things we have to look forward to in 2010.'

goodbye 2009. i won't miss you a bit.

o x
lady j

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

the community library


the best place in ketchum is the community library as you can tell by these fab chairs.
it is funded entirely by private donations and the local thrift store, the gold mine.
( i picked up some gloves and ski goggles there for $12.)

i didn't manage to nestle into one of these chairs by the fire and read the latest issues of nearly every magazine or borrow the fawlty towers dvd's but it's something to look forward to on my next visit.

it's the funny guy's birthday today and ayns is whipping up a batch of scones as i write this.

how are your holidays?
have you sorted your ny's frock?


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

i heart skiing


yesterday was day 2 of our private ski lessons given by the wonderful and very patient nadine.
ayns and nadine's daughter, iola, also helped out on the slopes but more importantly with the chair lift, which was the most terrifying part for the monk and me.
i must say, dollar mountain here in sun valley is pretty much the most perfect place to learn how to ski and look how pretty it is.

we finished yesterday with flushed faces, big smiles and a grand sense of achievement.

i heart skiing.
so fun + i can't wait to sport some vintage ski wear for my next trip up the slope.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

greetings from idaho


sending you love and snowflakes from idaho.
i hope your christmas was filled with smiles and some tangerines, shoes not fruit.
ours was spent in front of the fire as the power went out here for nearly 24 hours.
we did manage a fine christmas dinner of lamb, white bean gratin and
roasted vegetables. delicious and comforting.

me and the monk are just heading to the slope to try our luck at skiing
and already i am looking forward to the apres part of the day.

this lovely photo courtesy of the monkey on our drive in from boise.

peace buttercup.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

roger vivier's belle de nuit

suck it up my dear.
vacuums are hot -
the people want to know!

i say vacuum away, as long as you have a pair of these on your feet.
these images really don't do them justice,
but there is a patent tangerine pair at hr's that have me swooning.

and when shoes and vacuums are each an easy $600, how could you choose between the two???

just ask ines:
everyone should have one pair of shoes that is a little bit too expensive.
rules to live by.

happy christmas

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

ho ho ho over

darling ess,

your backdrop is breathtaking!
+ i would have loved to have seen the wee mouse king in action.
lots of fond memories of brian wildsmith books from
when the monk was little and something to work towards in 2010...
our own museum in japan.

just packing up for the holidays as i head to Sun Valley tomorrow
and a white excited!

will post from there
in the meantime, fingers crossed we don't receive vaccums for xmas.

snow bird

Sunday, December 20, 2009

nutcracker suite


love the panties,
and i do know how you like a good ruffle!

here is a really terrible image of the russian castle. in the end i went with a brian wildsmith kind of style (i love his twelve days of christmas...)
(did you know there is a museum dedicated to his work in japan? i guess thats how you know you've really made it!)

and your dinner sounded divine. we made a menu from platter of figs the other night - what a great book, what a great food writer.
braised lamb with gremolata, orecchiette with fennel sausage and broccoli raab, and a persimmon pudding that was perhaps the only low note (but soothing in a nursery sweets kind of way).


christmas wish list


because you know how i like the frilly panties.


Thursday, December 17, 2009



was treated to a lovely meal at tavern the other night.
yet another delicious restaurant by your favourite chef, suzanne goin.

the space is warm and comforting from the moment you enter
the warm blue hued bar area and beyond that lies the golden glow of the dining room.

the food was her signature style - perfectly seasoned and finished with just the right hit of something.
i had the braised chicken dish which was melt in your mouth amazing.

would like to go again and test out the burger which you can only have
at the bar from their bar menu.

oh and we had two star sitings while we were there ...

more soon.
o x

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

warmth on a chilly day


it's that time of year again!
you might want to have a look here for a gluhwein recipe
to warm you up during these chilly winter days.
also nice to take a peek into the xmas markets in Europe.

feeling the holiday spirit now?

i heard you have snow. i can't wait to be surrounded by some.

o x

Monday, December 14, 2009

bumper love


my sister's bumper sticker on the back of her truck.
i must say a few people do come to mind.

congrats on your all banquet love.
very exciting.

i went on a shopping tour through this huge japanese market
on saturday.
food , housewares, beauty products in amongst all the specialty items
for the upcoming new year.
sonoko, from the nabe workshop, translated many of the japanese items
into english for us and also explained how they are used.
and of course, i bought more of that delicious tofu.

can't wait to take you there one day.

how did the russian castle turn out?
picture please.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

the bear and the whale


love the japan love.

i have been absent, up to my eyeballs in prints and tee shirts and other things (excuse my blatant self promotion).
feeling overwhelmed by the love, so happy to see everything heading off to new homes.

soon i will have some time for christmas, but first i must paint a russian castle nestled in a forest, for the backdrop for cy's preschool production of the nutcracker suite. he is a mouse king (!).

love the belle heir/maira kalman/bkids synchronicity.

more love from japan


more love from japan for you here
found via bloesem while i was checking out bkids and your giveaway.

fabulous we were both featured there this month no?

it is a sunny crisp day here in venice beach and i have a serious
craving for a nice big bowl of ramen.

wish we could have one together.

o x
fatty pork

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

uguisu shoten


all the world's secrets can be found in the folded heart of a fortune cookie.
i'm just not sure which cookie held (holds) the truth.

in the meantime, more stationary love, this time from uguiso shoten.
lovely tape, and paper fish balloons, and japanese lifestyle magazines.

happy wednesday to you.

Monday, December 7, 2009

fortune cookie


this little fortune was encased in yesterday's cookie.


o x

Thursday, December 3, 2009

more mina perhonen



i am happy we are fluid enough with our appetites to go from nabe and gourmet to cheeseburgers and fries.

and while i do love chanel, i am completely inspired by this wall of mina perhonen, grabbed from flickr.

busy trying to update my etsy shop, and getting prints and tee shirts out -
will post them here soon!

cold and sunny

time now

for a commercial break.
3 guesses who sent me this.

o x

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the tofu


flowers from the market yesterday with a hint of pine thrown in
to get me in the holiday mood.
can't believe xmas and new years are upon us.
where did this year go?

the artisinal tofu we used at the nabe workshop
which i am about to warm up and have a little for breakfast.

oh and found this poncho for you to make
all you need is fabric (maybe waterproof?), a frying pan
and a sewing machine.

o x
tuesdays child

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

for you


can't remember where i found this image but wanted to share.

finally went to go see the fantastic mr. fox last night.
it really is fantastic.

going to try my hand and rib cage at tennis today.
we'll see.

o x

Sunday, November 29, 2009

more Maira


i am absolutely stunned and saddened by this news. how can they?
and the petting zoo too? boo!
i did sign the petition. do you really think there is a chance of saving it?
i've had many a night of flashlight tag around that crazy dome
and i can't believe you had a family member fall through.

so after reading that fine piece of maira's here (thanks TL/AV for sharing)
i went and had a look at her website as i am mostly familiar
with her children's books that i used to read to the monk.
such an inspiring collection of work.
i immediately thought i should share this little video clip with you.
so very talented indeed.

speaking of great talent how was toque my dear?
i'm sure you probably sold out all of your goodies.
can't wait to hear.

i hear the weather is brutal up there with a continual downpour.
wish i could package up some sunshine for you and post it 1st class.
instead i send, via the airwaves, a great big hug.

happiest sunday to you.

o x
queen of your fan club

Thursday, November 26, 2009

farewell to the bloedel conservatory


have you heard?
the bloedel conservatory at queen elizabeth park is soon to be no more.

home to over five hundred tropical plant species, this futuristic architectural treasure has crowned little mountain for forty years.

i will add it is the only geodesic dome in the city (to my knowledge) that has cracked and broken under the weight of a foolish relative of mine. as a teen he decided unsuccessfully to climb the exterior, only to crash through the roof, releasing rare tropical birds and breaking a leg, his adventure culminating in countless hours of community service as penance.
there is no pride here, only a strange nostalgia.

find a petition to save the conservatory here.


han solo, p.i.


magnum has always held a special place in my heart:
those shorts! that 'stache!

but after seeing this, well, i'm confused.
who do i really love?
han solo?
or those canny editors that put it all together?


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

woven labels


did you see the beautiful labels posted by the sea of tea?

(i know after this belle heir post that you have an eye for them, as do i)

i confess the macintosh label is my own, from a mac that is getting its fair share of wear in the current monsoon hanging over the city. usually i'm quite happy in the rain, but what i wouldn't do for a week on a white sand beach right about now...

sending my love to brooklyn

sally ann



i wish i had a better picture of these bowls -
they were brought back from japan by my uncle, in the early 70s, and they will be perfect for our nabe.
i must start my search now for artisan tofu, sweet white turnips, and leathery kombu!

prepping for toque, and planning to do some christmas shopping at the same time...
more soon!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nabe notes

darling s,

i'm 35,000 feet up thinking of how crazy it is that i can be posting from way up here but figured you might be needing this repertoire in you kitchen by now.

the notes and recipes from the nabe workshop are here for you to try.

we made ours in Nabe pots ( japanese clay pots) with burners right on the table
but a good pot on the stove works just as well except you can't do it in batches as easy.
basically, everything you put in the pot should be served right away
then you can do another round as needed.

we started with just a taster of simple tofu warmed in dashi which was so simple
and delicious because the tofu was artisinal.
you take a small scoop of the tofu (no broth) and then top with a drizzle of soy sauce, grated ginger, daikon and bonito flakes.

the next photo is the ingredients for the mushroom Nabe
followed by various misos we tasted to note the variety available.

we filled up on all 3 Nabe's and then finished with the rice dish
all the while drinking sake.
pure heaven.

other random notes while making the nabe you must always remove the 'scum'
from the surface.
you should always have someone at the table dedicated to doing this task.
also constantly tasting the broth to make sure it's perfect even before you add your condiments.

getting hungry up here.
wouldn't mind some Nabe right now but very happy i packed a rice bowl
and am about to watch julie & julia.

o x
lady j

Friday, November 20, 2009

paperless post


i love that site and most definitely want the domino stamps and air mail envelopes...oh so many goodies to be had!

on a stationary note, i received this invite to a holiday cocktail party yesterday via email.
I thought 'how lovely' and much nicer than an evite.

darling, i know we would rather receive the real thing in the post
and would pride ourselves on a clever design for our holiday invites
but this is definitely a nice alternative.

i hope somewhere in your weekend, you are snuggled under a blanket watching a movie, eating homemade pizza as the rain falls on your roof.

i'm off to ny on sunday for turkey week and my favourite dim sum hit.

luv u.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

present and correct

darling darling

i was going to post another lovely house for you, but then i got sidetracked looking at stationary and other fine things at present and correct.
lots to see, including these domino stamps especially for you, to remind of those post dim sum afternoons, when before we drew, we dominoed.

i'm in the house, loving the change, hating the erratic internet service.
even as i am typing this it is coming and going...
maybe it's the wind storm?

happiness is the sound of rain on the roof.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

YTL residence


so i'm thinking after a few years and we've made our fortunes
we pack it up here and head to kuala lumpur as i've found our mother ship.
and hey, haven't you always wanted to live in kuala
or somewhere exotic?

this little gem was found while i was looking through this blog
(we'll have her over for tea)

and there's more information on our new home here.

so get busy at those holiday sales girlfriend
we have a lot to do before we leave.

o x

Monday, November 16, 2009


hello lovely,

how was your first weekend in the new house?
need to fill some walls?
maybe a poison label poster in the new kitchen to remind yourself
of all things that are bad for you.
maybe i need one too.
i do like the look of it
+ found it in the latest issue of papier mache magazine
love this magazine and was surprised to see BH included in the mix.
very happy.

still in a nabe heaven coma...
the workshop was amazing! everything was so delicious.
will share more later in the week
when i can think straight.

in the meantime, i'm off for a beach walk in my new jimmy choo's.

love you.
j bird

Thursday, November 12, 2009

toe jam


how fitting.
i was just debating whether you needed this book in your arsenal.
it's exactly what i feel like eating.

picking up small children and schlepping boxes is coming along slowly,
and i'm so anxious to get into the house.
and the old ticker, well, you know.

happy nabe.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009



the japanese have long believed that sharing a meal from a single pot forges
closer relationships.
* note for the future - make more Nabe.

i am taking this workshop on saturday
thinking this might help heal our bruised body parts and broken hearts
as i will share all with you.

caught an old 'cheers' episode on telly last night and smiled as the very wise and feisty bar waitress carla stated why she didn't want to get married -
"men are toe jam."

i clink to that.


p.s. speaking of food, thanks to T for sharing this.