Thursday, January 29, 2009

Partners & Spade

'yeah it's worth it' takes on a whole new meaning b-nessa!
those marni boots are something special.
the dress looks beautiful but can't really get a feel for it from a pic.

so if you and i lived in the same city

and opened a store based on all the crap / treasures we find at VV

we would pretty much end up with this place that just opened in NYC

created by Andy Spade (brother of Kate) and his friend.

'cept ours would be better.
o x
junk dog jay

p.s. thanks to my lady A in nyc for the tip.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the sales

i almost went home with this bcbg dress - it's hard to see here, but the front is an origami masterpiece, pleated and folded to within an inch of its life, layered over the pleated grey cotton shoulders - to throw on over a pair of jeans with these marni boots, in grey.
i include the shoe too, 'cause you just can't appreciate the heel in the first picture. you know how i love my marni.
in fact, what was i thinking?
i need those boots!
and it was the now or never sale!!!

oh dear.
i'm not sure how it would fly at the park with cy and lulu anyways, but it's pretty much what i'll be wearing in my imagination.


ps i'm not sure how bcbg manages to make everything look so god awful on their website...

yeah it's worth it, i think

word is out that miss G had her first trip to the holt renfrew shoe sale.
congrats! did she find some have to have gucci booties?
did you treat yourself to something nice?
as i am foregoing manolo's and instead sporting wallabees,
figured i could splurge on expensive groceries instead.
haven't quite tapped into his exact products but am heading that way
on my quest for the platonic ideal of spaghetti and tomato sauce.
full recipe and what you have to fork out here.
i'll keep you posted on my research.
o x spaghettinessa

Monday, January 26, 2009

the year of the ox

and speaking of chinoiserie...
Gung Hey Fat Choy baronessa!!

am very excited about this one as it's my year!!
[and barack's as well]
wish we could celebrate over an elaborate
chinese feast tonight at one of your fine vancouver spots.
try to have some congee noodle for us today.

your o x,
lady j

p.s.remember don't wash your hair or sweep out the luck today.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


love that rose cummings...
how could i not have heard of her?
me and my schizophrenic tastes
have an ongoing passion for chinoiserie.

more soon,

(world of interiors, chapman radcliff home , and the last one... ?)

circle scarf

forgot to mention that along with
receiving that magical image yesterday,
the style monkey dropped by the studio with a gift
of one of these as i have been lusting after hers.

an accesssory must! or new baby sling?
available here.


Friday, January 23, 2009

a sea of fog

my lovely sister sent me this view of downtown vancouver
taken at 6:30 this morning from cypress mountain.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a brand new day

hello lovely,
it's a brand new day here in the good ol us of a
as I watched Barack Obama being sworn in as our new President.
with my special inauguration breakfast...
2 soft boiled farm fresh eggs
3 pieces toasted pretzel bread
berries with thick yogurt, maple syrup and mint
and some freshly squeezeed california sunshine.
cheers doll!
ox miss america

Monday, January 19, 2009

clarks wallabees

i thought i might be starting this year in a new pair of manolo's
but alas, comfort has called and i treated myself to a pair of these.

super comfortable, nice with a pair of jeans
or to get the total nerd look,
pair with some knee highs and a dress
AND the super bonus is they give you
an additional 1" of height with bounce.
hello NBA!

dial in doll...these are the perfect mom shoes.

o x
LA laker gal

Sunday, January 18, 2009

non-judgemental Rose

miss es,
had a moment this weekend to catch up on some reading
and was perusing this magazine

when i came across this photo and thought of you

this 1930 photo of Rose Cumming's brownstone makes you feel at home no?
her obituary makes me feel at home -
'She had no time,' it says, 'for boring furniture, boring fabrics,
or boring people.' Ah, non-judgemental Rose.

sending love,
south of the bore-der jay

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

penguin classics

ms jow
the spines 
of these penguin classics
quite remind me
of these coveted tomes

(from the domino magazine site)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

the enchantress of numbers

ada lovelace was lord byron's daughter;
she designed what is considered by many to be the first computer.
based on a loom, it was called the analytical engine.
in 1842 to boot.

happy 2009!

i wish it was us lying on that round table in the last gerda and jorg photo...
staring up, discussing food, life, art, fashion, and a bit of gossip thrown in for good measure.

i am working these days so am a bit awol. forgive me.

glad all is well in your world and the weather is not keeping you hostage as a trip to the VAG and art are always good for the soul.
(so is congee!)

C just went to photoLA show and saw this work there.
simple and witty.
i like.

o x j

Saturday, January 10, 2009

kai althoff

dear j
went to the vag this slushy afternoon
(an unfortunate abbreviation, if you're not from around here),
and quite enjoyed kai althoff's work, up on the fourth floor.
some paintings, some collaborative collage-like works,
and a great interactive installation called the weaving place,
a collaboration with Travis Joseph Meinolf.
i think i may return for shuttle toss and a bit of warp and wefting.
ada lovelace

(these images aren't from the vag show...)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

then and now

i am forever a little kid
when it snows
filled with absolute glee
but even i am getting tired
of the once white stuff

Monday, January 5, 2009

gerda steiner and jorg lenzlinger

dear j
did you have a lovely holiday??
ours was fast and furious.
and very very snowy.
today i found the world of gerda steiner and jorg lenzlinger.
and it is a fine mad place i'd love to see.
here are a few of their installations -
more on their website,
found via labour of heart.