Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the sales

i almost went home with this bcbg dress - it's hard to see here, but the front is an origami masterpiece, pleated and folded to within an inch of its life, layered over the pleated grey cotton shoulders - to throw on over a pair of jeans with these marni boots, in grey.
i include the shoe too, 'cause you just can't appreciate the heel in the first picture. you know how i love my marni.
in fact, what was i thinking?
i need those boots!
and it was the now or never sale!!!

oh dear.
i'm not sure how it would fly at the park with cy and lulu anyways, but it's pretty much what i'll be wearing in my imagination.


ps i'm not sure how bcbg manages to make everything look so god awful on their website...

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