Sunday, March 29, 2009

stripes...and stars

hello lovely,

your beautiful stripes inspired me to add some stars
as in dining under them...
"For starters, you're dropped right into the middle of a field, garden or row of corn and seated at a gigantic, 100-person table complete with white linens and formal service."
how amazing does that sound?
and speaking of farms, i just had lunch with a friend who
is leaving nyc after 8 years and heading back to her family in India.
she is then going to work on an organic farm in Sweden for the summer
through this organization.
would love to do this with you one day.

happy sunday supper!

o x
brooklyn trout

p.s a shout out to Lady A for the tip


-friend moving to India said...

yes indeed, time to move onto other adventures and ideas... I feel its important to learn how to grow our own may become a need soon...

open to cool said...

was lovely to see you before you left and hopefully our next visit together is in india. :) o x j