Wednesday, March 4, 2009

the way we were

remember how we used to write letters? the fine paper, colourful stamps and your beautiful penmanship? as much as i love the immediacy of our blog life, i do miss the letters that used to greet me at the front door filled your words and musings about life in vancouver. my new worlds (nyc and LA) are wonderful though never seem quite complete without you nearby to go thrifting, eat noodles and scheme about our latest creative pursuit. i just noticed that we have been writing to each other via this blog for just over a year now, so i wanted to say happy 1st year baronessa! and i'm not sure who is following this out there in the blogosphere, but post a comment and say hello or you can send us an email too if you are feeling shy -
o x j o w
p.s still adore the first posting by you of all the book covers.


Anonymous said...

i do feel shy. i am to tell you i'm a frequent reader!
you two are writing a book, did you know?
and by the way, feliz aniversário.

open to cool said...

thanks for your lovely comment and visiting us here at OTC. it would be nice to have this as a book one day.
cheers, s + j

Unknown said...

have been just thinking how it has been a long time since i've sent you a postcard or two too...
will have to fix that right away.

Also i was really happy to see that last post on the salvor clothing project - we'll be in tokyo in a few weeks time and i definitely will take that opportunity to check it out, as i see they're at dover st market over there...

x's and o's from the great white north,

judy aldridge said...

Nicely done! Your blog has a very clean, peaceful feel. Thanks for the feature on Christopher Ross--he is such a talent. judy

open to cool said...

ms. em's,
i too have been lazy in our correspondance and will fix that.
have a wonderful trip to tokyo and let me know about your salvor findings.
sending sunshine from california.
ox jow