Thursday, April 30, 2009

chinese outing

hi doll.
so i went on an adventure and tried the soup dumplings at din tai fung and they were little bites of heaven!
while i was out in the suburbs of LA i also went to a chinese supermarket and bought a few things including this tub of mustard greens which apparently you have to cook before you eat which i find kind of strange...maybe because they are used to get heavy metals out of the soil?
anyways i made myself this bowl of noodles today for lunch with thick noodles, pea shoots, leek dumplings and cooked mustard greens.
not legendary by any means.

love the word euphorbia...always reminds me of you
and the plants that grew in front of east 3rd.

happy noodle.
dumpling head


Lovely clogs!
I have a new pair of shoes from the thrift store to share, but in the meantime (until my camera is fixed anyhow), here are some succulents from my sister's windowsill.
How much do i love crown of thorns!
And thank you for this.
I filled our bellies just fine thank you. And even cy had seconds (this, a major accomplishment).

Love on a Thursday.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

clog happy


new clogs for the garden or walking around savary?
these and more available here.

o x
miss ya ya

p.s. made all'Amatriciana pasta night...delicious.

Monday, April 27, 2009

tord is charming


while i've never been a big fan of rachel comey,
you've shed some new light on her.
(esp. love the hair in the 2nd photo.)

as i looked through the times today
i noticed your tord boontje has these charms for
mother's day gifting or for oneself.

personally i like this bib necklace as i have been collecting
vintage collars / bibs as of late + will share some soon.
these pieces available here.

was at the big vintage show here this afternoon and overhead a couple
gay gentlemen going on and on about a dress that mary kay would love
saying she would wear it with some fishnets and lanvin heels.
they left it on the rack and
it was cute i admit and i was tempted to buy but held back.

other favourite bit heard this week was someone talking about
desperate celebrities and said...
'oh they would go to an opening of a wound'
hah. had me laughing.
only in LA.

more from the land of sunshine and faux-ness soon....

afternoon spritzer

Saturday, April 25, 2009

rachel comey


liking some of prints and silhouettes from rachel comey...

more soon.


Friday, April 24, 2009

dita von wonderbra


lovely organic shapes in that pottery.
and on the subject of shapes,
the queen of burlesque dita von teese has
designed a collection of lingerie for wonderbra.
who knew?
seems like it only available in the UK at the moment
but if you must have there is more info here.

off to the plastic surgeons to buy me some boobs...

miss 2x4

Thursday, April 23, 2009


hello dearest

quite loving these pieces from atwater pottery, down in your neck of the woods.
gorgeous glazes, and some fine silhouettes.

pothead pete

Wednesday, April 22, 2009



hoping you have re-expanded your belly with fine dumplings.
i am thinking i may have a go at these turkish lamb dumplings, manti:

tiny dumplings filled with lamb and dressed with melted butter and tangy yoghurt ... wonderfully aromatic, heady with cinnamon, mint, and crushed red pepper. in turkey, legend has it that a worthy bride makes manti so minute that 40 can fit on a spoon.
martha stewart (!), 02.08

yum yum

Sunday, April 19, 2009

soup dumplings


so as i come out of this liver cleanse coma,
dreams of soup dumplings fill my head and
i realize they are not a dream but a reality this week
thanks to this article in the new gourmet magazine.

dim sum...steamed buns with tea smoked duck...braised beef sandwich with mustard greens...join me?

o x
jow fun

Friday, April 17, 2009

healthy ruffles

okay i want a burger...

but check out this new post cleanse outfit i will be bustin'
and it's deezigner biatches!
Hussein Chalayan available at the new online store at
Opening Ceremony.

and kidding. i won't be wearing that but have got my eye
on this cute bikini for the summer.

you know how i like the ruffles.

TGIF lovely!

olive oil

Thursday, April 16, 2009

burger love


while a nice bowl of boiled kale is a favourite of mine
(thank you zuni cafe cookbook)

i'm indulging in a different sort of menu plan these days

(but wishing it was in thrift store parking lot with you)


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

photo love

Lucia Zegada

Jean de Pomereu

Karin Bubas

sahara of the swimming pool,

okay enough food and shoe talk for a minute.
wanted to share this fantastic photo site ms. a.v. shared
with us this weekend as her friend karin bubas is reprizented!
(that's a secret shout out to our first official blog follower Lady A :)

o x

eat daikon buy shoes

breakfast this morning consisted of an apple and a bowl of
steamed kale, grated beets, celery, and simmered daikon in dashi
spooned over brown rice.
looked up the nutritional benefits of daikon as i ate.
it is also rich in vitamin C and helps aid digestion...who knew?

also never shared these mui mui beauties that C bought me a while back.
dark teal blue leather with a soft black suede accent that looks like
a built in sock. the heels are higher than i am used to cruising in so must
practice a bit before they make their debut out.

more soon from the kale wagon.
mini me

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

spa water

did i fail to mention that i am on the 'no bloody fun' liver cleanse
this week?
so have been drinking a lot of spa water
which is just water infused with mint, cucumber, lemon and limes.
you can also do this same infusion with shochu
and pour over ice for a refreshing summer cocktail
(that will be next week!)

and figured since i am saving so much money on my non alcoholic lifestyle,
that i might have to treat myself to these lovelies that i saw at barney's
with paul...must say not a whole lot of inspiring shoes out there this season
but these are so beautiful!

is it spring there yet? blossoms?

o x
queen quinoa

Monday, April 13, 2009

easter weekend

hello bunny,

back here in LA just in time to celebrate easter with
the monk, mr p., ms a.v. and grandmaster c.
the monk decorated and gifted us
this fine bottle of wine (blood of christ)
to go with the champagne truffles and speckled eggs i brought
from jacques torres in brooklyn.

hardest thing about leaving brooklyn this time was
having to miss the neighbour's magnolia tree about to be in full bloom.

how was your easter? any crayon rings or marni hidden amongst the eggs?

o x
egg drop

Friday, April 10, 2009

the glamourai

hello dearest

my winter wardrobe blahs have been getting an inspirational pick me up via the glamourai.
a fine mix indeed, and she shares my obsession with the marni bejeweled bibs.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

crayon rings


here are some jewels worth flaunting!

and i also wish i was in ny with you on the 25th to drag you here.

both found on minor details, discovered via a cup of jo.

love on a wednesday.

sally ann

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

harvey faircloth


one of my favourites on the web is kate spade's things we love - so many inspiring links!
i'm guessing the genius behind it is abby clawson low, of the brilliant blog hi+low, and most recently of harvey faircloth. it looks like it may be one to watch, not least of all for its own page of never ending stories.


ps cabbage + pig = yum?

Monday, April 6, 2009


a colourful window in chinatown we passed today post dim sum.
don't worry i ate a few extra duck dumplings for you.
what do you think the meaning of pigs and cabbage is?
china doll

Friday, April 3, 2009

victoria gin

hello sunshine!
c + p have arrived in brooklyn with THE gin.
a happy weekend for us.
o x

Thursday, April 2, 2009

saltwater sandals

definitely not as gorgeous as yours but very saltwater friendly
and what the young ladies of brooklyn wear in the summer
(plus you'll have money leftover for ice cream.)
saltwater sandals available here.
o x
tequila flats
(was a zeb's bar last night and now nursing my head with homemade chicken soup finished with some chopped dandelion greens)
and on a crazier note,
jet blue was offering $14 one way flights today nyc to LA or SF...nuts!
of course they sold out in a second.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

roberta settels sandal


Found these perfect summer sandals for us all, by Roberta Settels at Modern Child:
Hand-made in Sweden, vegetable tanned leather sandals with gummed sole and adjustable straps. They make me long for the easy days of summer and trips to the beach with little co-conspirators, tanned legs, sandy feet, salt water.


pillow fight

this is no april fool's joke doll but an actually
event that happens on april 4th in various cities around the globe.
these images taken from this site.
i have my chicken simmering on the stove right now
and may just have to go visit my pillow for a nap
very shortly.
hope you and the chicklets are feeling better soon.