Monday, April 27, 2009

tord is charming


while i've never been a big fan of rachel comey,
you've shed some new light on her.
(esp. love the hair in the 2nd photo.)

as i looked through the times today
i noticed your tord boontje has these charms for
mother's day gifting or for oneself.

personally i like this bib necklace as i have been collecting
vintage collars / bibs as of late + will share some soon.
these pieces available here.

was at the big vintage show here this afternoon and overhead a couple
gay gentlemen going on and on about a dress that mary kay would love
saying she would wear it with some fishnets and lanvin heels.
they left it on the rack and
it was cute i admit and i was tempted to buy but held back.

other favourite bit heard this week was someone talking about
desperate celebrities and said...
'oh they would go to an opening of a wound'
hah. had me laughing.
only in LA.

more from the land of sunshine and faux-ness soon....

afternoon spritzer

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