Monday, May 11, 2009

a new york minute

we put out an old broken fridge when we got here and it was immediately tagged by UFO

had wine with the beautiful eva who skates next weekend in the roller derby
it's the brooklyn bombshells vs. manhattan mayhem
(she skates for the bombshells)

we had dinner at moto and this music act and especially her voice transported you back into the 1930's...truly magical. that's broadway street in the background with the JMZ tracks above her head. i had my usual chicken dijonaise with mashed potatoes and seghesio zinfandel.

saw this fabulous set of samsonite luggage at the brooklyn flea.
there were actually 7 pieces in all for the asking price of $300.
i was tempted but they're just not functional enough ie: too heavy

more soon. o x j b i r d


Unknown said...

hi jow! ahh .... moto, roller derby and street tagging...
i miss nyc! Actually just booked some flights to Vancouver for July.. any chance of catching you there for some dumplings and chat??
xo, e.

jezebel said...

Moto and the Flea! We're traveling in concentric circles.

open to cool said...

miss ems.
i'm trying to get back to vancouver around july 23rd. Will you be there?
NYC misses you as do i.
o x j

open to cool said...

hello jezebel,
thanks for visiting here at OTC..perhaps we'll cross paths one day at moto.? will be posting some of your amazing cards to our blog this week.
cheers, j