Monday, May 25, 2009

summer soba

your es-ness,

love the lash necklace!
i've been wanting to wear false eyelashes as a new daily regime
but may just settle on wearing this one around my neck.

and great drawings from the unknown 'soon to be known' hipster.

it's a holiday here in the good old US of A
and i am recovering from a crazy paella party we had here last night.
so delicious that i had some more for breakfast with a poached egg on top.

and as the weather heats up i thought you might like to try this
soba salad perhaps with a little added poached chicken or fish.

i would like to make it wearing one of these aprons from daiso
but it seems they only sell in multiples?
might have to go to my little japanese dollar store to find.

hope you are enjoying the sunshine and fresh air of bancouber.

sayonara for now.
princess paella

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