Monday, May 18, 2009

woodblock class

Master Shodo uses my block to teach about applying the ink

our groups finished woodblock prints.

one of master shodo's pieces at the show.


on saturday i took a japanese woodblock workshop
given by a japanese zen buddhist monk and very talented artist, Shodo Iwagaki.
we based our designs on a circle, square and triangle which are the 3 shapes
which represent the universe in buddhist teachings.
was nice and very therapeutic sitting there carving wood next to this lovely man.
his show is on at tortoise gallery here in venice.
it took him 2 days to carve the text for his woodblock invite.

hope you had a nice weekend and there was no snow.
we had a 5.0 earthquake here last night and as i lay in bed reading
it felt like gigantic hands shook house. crazy.

o x

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Manreet Deol said...

oh very nice...!the forms are so complete and pure...
The invite is worth framing.