Tuesday, June 30, 2009

art star


did i tell you how fantastic the Francis Bacon show was at the Met?
a real insight into the mind of a great artist and amazing painter.

then i wandered over to the MOMA for this Warhol exclusive featuring works
of beautiful monkeys.
okay that's my monkey that i've recreated on canvas with this fun site.
you can turn your children or yourself into an instant star
by putting them on the cover of a magazine, billboard or as a great work of art.

i'm off to lunch with monkey
lady j

(special thanks to ziffy for the tip!)

Monday, June 29, 2009

dance party in paris

michael jackson dance party under the eiffel tower taken by my dear friend zeb who is in paris.
oh i wish we were there.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


your essness

i too, have been having my MJ dance moments all weekend
+ have always kept a CD of his in the car when i wanted a little pick me up.
he will always rock my world.

this has always been one of my all time favourite MJ songs
who knew a song about a rat could be so beautiful.?
catch his little smile at the end of the clip...
melts my heart.

and i couldn't agree more about farrah.
stunning in this poster
+ brave throughout her battle until the end.
she really is an angel now.

i am so lucky to have you in my life after your battle
and cherish our friendship everyday.
'now it's us, now it's we'

sending you much love on this sleepy sunday,

p.s. when we've danced ourselves out
shall we go save that amazing building in tokyo?

Saturday, June 27, 2009


me again

i have to include this too
because how amazing is she in this picture?

and how much do i respect her sharing a very real, very ugly side of cancer?

(i'm tempted to go off on this one, but i need a big glass or two of vino first)
(how can i still be bitter after 13 years of good health???)

here's to life, and living it,
and all the blessings of friendship we share

love you lady

And We Can Ride The Boogie


cy and i have been holding mini dance parties
listening to this and this -
watching mj groove breaks my heart -
what a power, rocking forever on


Friday, June 26, 2009

save nakagin capsule tower

southern belle

dreaming about japan again, as always
when suddenly my brother sends me a link to this article
about the nakagin capsule tower in tokyo
which is set for demolition

a metabolist masterpiece,
as is habitat 67 in montreal,
nakagin was the world's first capsule hotel

so much for 1970s modular modernism

then my brain starts and shifts a bit
and i remember brian jungen's
habitat 04 — cité radieuse des chats / cats radiant city (2004)
at the fonderie darling in montreal
where he recreated habitat 67 with cardboard boxes
and installed orphaned cats
available for adoption

and then i miss my cats

hope you had a lovely flight

northern light

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

benefit in brooklyn


unfortunately we didn't make it to this benefit dinner here in brooklyn
but i wanted to share this lovely menu/invite they made.

i am a fan of the green porno series and couldn't agree more that
isabella's pronounciation especially while wearing a 6' whale penis
makes these so fun to watch and learn from.

dark grey and muggy here.
looking forward to some left coast sunshine.

o x

Tuesday, June 23, 2009



lovely mobiles!
was browsing design sponge recently, where i found this link to green porno, directed by isabella rossellini.
such beautiful paper crafts, and she has a certain way of pronouncing the word penis that makes me want to watch them all.

today i transplanted the filet beans and made cardboard hooks and pirate masks -
i too have a package in the works for you: i assume it should be sent to the left coast?


mobiles to make you smile


i thought these colourful mobiles might bring a smile to
your face as they do mine.
more to be found here

heading back to the west coast friday
so will be a little closer to you

kiddie pkg. going in the mail today.

sending love and soup,
your jay-ness

Monday, June 22, 2009

tomato butter. yum.


crystal in vegas racing cars? what fun!
i've always wanted to give it a try so look forward
to hearing all the details.

and your evening with the girls sounded so lovely.
do share the potato salad recipe.

the lovely Lady A here in NYC shared this one with me recently
and i will have to make this week as it sounds like a perfect
fit for this summer drizzle out here in the east.

still hot and sunny there?

o x
lady j

Friday, June 19, 2009

speed demon

hello out there

how is oreo land?

recognize this lovely lady?
does what happens in vegas really stay in vegas?
when the car's pushing 147.9 miles an hour, you at least hope it stays on the track and off the upper levels highway...

missed you at dinner last week -
i brought greens from the garden,
crystal brought salmon and fluorescent gummy candy,
aynsley made the most sublime potato salad which has already been copied on my end,
and miss e brought her warm electricity.
how lucky are we to have all found each other?

miss you
love you
counting the days


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

these are a few of my favourite things

Peter Cole Speedy Redcap

Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons Dark Miracle Box

Manreet Deol sandcasted bangles

still in brooklyn doll
and wandered into spring the other day for a look at their lost + found show.
so many great things but these were my favourites.

love that gorilla packaging and may need some of that tape in my life too.

am being sucked into the Oreo void this week so may be MIA.

will miss you
double stuff

Sunday, June 14, 2009


good morning sunshine
(seriously beautiful)

here's my package of tape
all the way from sweden
how great does it look?

and as for stationary,
more to covet at o-check design.

hope you are kickin' it in new york

still just ess

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Louise Bourgeois

sahara of the rhodo tree,

and just in case you need an art hit this film just came out on dvd.
there is also a small clip you can watch here
that giant spider at the guggenheim bilbao is fantastic!

i'll add this one to my 'watch' list but more immediate viewing
will be this which opened here in nyc yesterday shot by the very talented tobias.

time to eat dumplings...

o x
I. B. Profen

Friday, June 12, 2009

from rhubarb to rhodos

dumbo darlin'

i know i promised to share the rhododendrons that are so spectacular this year
(one small reason to appreciate a sub zero winter)
but how to capture a twenty foot tall rhodo tree?

you get the idea

next week, the vegetable garden

love from
plant nerd

Bacon at the Met

lady ess,

have arrived back in nyc in one piece
and enjoying the warm weather drizzle of thunderstorms.
apparently sunshine to come this weekend and hopefully a trip to the Met to see this Francis Bacon show.
(just the mention of his name has triggered an immediate craving for a BLT)

that rhubarb vodka looks delightful...can't wait to try!
hope you enjoy some smart cocktails with the girls tonight...
wish i could join.

o x

lady jay street

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

rhubarb vodka

lady jay

a few of those martini's would suit me fine.
once we're out of cucumbers, let's switch to this tipple in the making:
a tad sweet, but full of rhubarb flavour, straight up with an oversized rock
(that's how i like my ice and my diamonds)(ha!).

rhubarb vodka

600 grams chopped rhubarb
300 grams sugar
1 litre vodka

combine in a big jar
store in a cool dark place
shaking the bottle every week or so
for four to six weeks
strain and enjoy

thanks for sending your boozy good wishes my way
love always
- ess

cucumber martini


why do i get the feeling you need about 4 of these right now?

i'm heading to nyc this afternoon and wish i was taking you with me.

sending you love,
o x
lady j

Sunday, June 7, 2009

summer towels

darling s.

sitting here with the monk and she thought you might like these warhol inspired towels by diane von furstenberg for your savary getaway this summer.

we just ate some fine pizza while sitting here cheering for the underdogs (orlando)
but the lakers of course, have it dialed.

we send hugs and a slice your way.

lady j + the monkey

Saturday, June 6, 2009

the french open


the french open finals are on this weekend and while i know you certainly have no time to watch a match, i thought you might like to have a peek at tennis fashion that has been sported at Roland Garros.

some good looks with a sampling below. how about agassi's pink spandex under acid wash shorts? nice.

have a lovely weekend + hope the wee ones are feeling better.

o x
40 - love

French tennis legends Suzanne Lenglen and Rene Lacoste, who won a combined six French Championships singles titles, model traditional tennis attire in the 1920s.
Only one could win the men's singles title at the 1978 French Open, but both Bjorn Borg (left) and Guillermo Vilas earned top honors for their flowing locks.

Fashion rebel Andre Agassi paired jean shorts with fuchsia spandex, a loud shirt and a funky headband at the 1991 French Open. Fans got to see a lot of his style that year, even his soul patch that extended to his navel, as he advanced to the finals at Roland Garros.

Monday, June 1, 2009

egg drop


i love this!

is it too early to start thinking about my hallowe'en costume?
it was sent to me from a friend via this site
do you know? a great find.

off to sleep on a mattress not that i mind the earth floor of camping.
night night

egg drop

a little roadtrip


i would love to be dining under twinkling lights with you at any of these
gorgeous spaces you've posted...so beautiful.

instead c and i went on a little getaway camping trip up to big sur
and slept nestled in the tall redwoods and beneath the twinkling stars.
the scenery was absolutely breathtaking as we drove along the coastal highway
and my favourite is always a little stop at elephant seal beach.

june gloom has set in here and it's grey and misty out...

miss ewe