Friday, June 26, 2009

save nakagin capsule tower

southern belle

dreaming about japan again, as always
when suddenly my brother sends me a link to this article
about the nakagin capsule tower in tokyo
which is set for demolition

a metabolist masterpiece,
as is habitat 67 in montreal,
nakagin was the world's first capsule hotel

so much for 1970s modular modernism

then my brain starts and shifts a bit
and i remember brian jungen's
habitat 04 — cité radieuse des chats / cats radiant city (2004)
at the fonderie darling in montreal
where he recreated habitat 67 with cardboard boxes
and installed orphaned cats
available for adoption

and then i miss my cats

hope you had a lovely flight

northern light


Unknown said...

Ah, saw this building when i was in tokyo this past spring... was in fact hopeful that maybe it was still open and could stay there, before realizing it has been in deep disrepair for quite a long time. It's so fantastic.... and so devastating that it's to be demolished....have read some architectural critiques where people describe it as a pile of washing machines... but ah, what beautiful washing machines they are!!

open to cool said...

it's exactly true! (and with everyone recycling shipping containers, maybe we need to reconsider the washing machine as a structural building block...?):)