Friday, July 17, 2009

what to do in vancouver when i'm not there - part 2


i believe at this exact moment you are probably winging your way
somewhere over northern california.

just thought i would fill you in on your plans for thursday night -
dinner in richmond
drunken crab?
all three?

followed by project rainbow's the ruby glass at the richmond art gallery:
the ruby glass, a study of the colour red, takes its name from werner herzog's 1976 film, herz aus glas in which herzog claimed to have hypnotized his actors in the filming of a pastoral village's obsession with red glass.

it's a little bit of honoré de balzac, maya deren, and yvonne rainer, mixed with a whole lotta jade boyd, jess birch, heidi nutley, and sydney vermont. i am confident it will be completely brilliant.

in a while


ps again -
how much do you love this picture of balzac?

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