Friday, August 21, 2009

little people


while i've never been a fan of watermelon in it's whole form, i do like the flavour
of it very much and just might have to give these bars a whirl.
although i may just have to add a little tequila to mine as i have been inspired
to add booze to everything by that great juicer article.

and if i eat enough of these watermelon tequila concoctions,
i may start seeing little people myself.

in the meantime,
i am loving this project by slinkachu
via it's nice that
also this lino guy who will even carve your idea for you.
check out his 'where in the world city maps'.
i am truly amazed by people's craftmanship and patience.

those pne rides are making me a little queasy so i'll take
a bag of tom thumb donuts and sign off.

o x
friday's farm gal

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