Monday, August 24, 2009

the weekend

everything i am eating these days includes a good dollop of tzatziki on the side

am loving the cover of this latest cabinet magazine. makes me want to paint with food coloring.

just saw this book on canadian artists and am embarrassed i have never heard of most of them

mouse sleeps as i read the ny times on sunday

hello darling,

a few bits of my weekend i thought i would share.

am in love with that letter project and all the beautiful versions they
created for everyone. really lovely.

the book on canadian artists was at a friend's house and i only made it halfway through to the mid career section and graham gilmore but really recognized so few names especially in the emerging section.
(made me feel so un-canadian and out of the art loop)

but i will say there is plenty of talent up there in your fine world.

it's monday morning and i am slow out of the gate.
really want to hide under the covers with a good book today
but too much to get done.

i hope your monday includes some tzatziki somewhere.

o x

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