Wednesday, September 30, 2009

some more wednesday stuff

dj jazzy jow

thought i'd share some more bits and pieces clogging things up around here.
like the last one, in no particular order:

  • some makie swimwear
  • an interior shot for which i have no source, no credit (but a fierce longing for a sunday in bed with newspapers and a good book)
  • a mina perhonen print
  • sasquatch



Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Sophia Lamar from from Stylelikeu on Vimeo.


welcome back...

i'd like to see you rockin' some wild things threads (or the judith vest!), paired with your new ring too. i myself have been inspired to find a puffy vest and some hunter's plaid; you'll understand after watching this bit.
LOTS more to see here.

tomorrow, cupcakes and prezzies for lulu's 1st birthday.

love to you


Monday, September 28, 2009

hell yeah

okay you know how i love opening ceremony
but hell yeah....a clothing line for 'where the wild things are'?
too much.

need this look while i bust out another one this week

miss you darlingska.

tired beast

Sunday, September 27, 2009

brooklyn bling

hi lovely,

i'm slowly recovering from wedding frivolities and taking a minute to read
the sunday paper before heading back on the road to venice.
noticed this little piece of bling in the sunday styles section
and immediately thought....YES PLEASE!

love the brooklyn bridge and won't miss it as much with the help of this.

spent yesterday back out in thrift store land and came home with:
a black kimono lined in pink, gold and diamond 1950's sling back sandals,
a mink collar + cuffs, some great neckties, and the big score...
an emilio pucci nightgown set for $15!

so many thrift stores, so little time.
will have to return again sometime soon when the desert heat
cools down.

how was your weekend?

o x
p s j

Friday, September 25, 2009

PS chillin'

your esness,

played some mean ping pong at the ace hotel last night where the pre wedding dinner took place
and managed to shake a leg on my way out to a little notorious B.I.G.

planning on some more thrifting today but first a little reading by the pool.
this desert heat is nuts!

sending warmth your way.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

PS thrifting day 1


started this morning with a little tennis then headed off to the
resale + thrift shops.
found these 2 great frocks in the first place.
red white and blue polka dot caftan and a cotton canvas fully pleated
dress with rainbow stripes that i am going to shorten.

had the lovely T model them for you.

also in the mix today, two crazy 70's cookbooks to read poolside,
and some vintage tennis items i'll post tomorrow.

very very hot out here in the desert
and i am missing the cool fall pacific northwest air.

o x

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the cure

hi darling.

am back from elf land and decompressing with a bowl of homemade ramen
before i head off to palm springs for a wedding.

hopefully will get in some thrifting and estate sales while i am out there.

i love aynsley house. where is it.?

more soon i promise.
o x

p.s. oops just saw your supermarket sarah, fred butler posts...
will have a look. ( still a little cross-eyed at the moment )

fred butler


me again

in case you haven't had a chance to visit supermarket sarah yet
i thought i would add a post script
and share these brilliant pieces by fred butler

an orchid hat
a venus flytrap hat
and a tiger mask

now your day is perfect


supermarket sarah

ms j

well, i am not supermarket sarah, but if my web design skills were up for it...
let's just say i love this format as a means to share and profit from my enthusiasm for thrift stores and other abandoned artifacts.

as it is, i'll probably visit supermarket sarah and add to the ever-growing collection.
(esp fred butler!)

loving the cold air september sunshine,

Monday, September 21, 2009

aynsley house


where are you?
still with the little people?

i'm on an architecture theme, namely this lovely glass house...

more soon.

sally ann

Friday, September 18, 2009


hello fluoro

glad your outlook is bright, even when you are not really feeling it.

in the meantime, dream about this lovely little studio in the woods -
maybe up the mountain on gambier?
on top of green's point at savary?

one day....


Ree Morton

'In the sixties, Ree Morton left her life as a Navy wife and mother to pursue a career as an artist. She worked for just ten years before dying in a car crash, in 1977, at the age of forty.'

sad no? but at least she didn't die an unhappy navy wife....

i would like to go see this show in new york before it ends.

i would like to feel normal again after all those night shoots.

today i am off to run errands in an orange and fuchia pink silk shantung dress from the 60's with red sandals. one should wear sunglasses around me today as i am awfully bright. the dress came from an estate sale in palm springs that i hit back in may,
the shoes i bought with you at a vintage store on main st.

that was a beautiful posting of lovely things baronessa.

have a peaceful and happy weekend lounging around in your yogatard.

o x
miss 3 dwarves in one
(sleepy, dopey and grumpy)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

some stuff


feeling uninspired tonight,
so i thought i would share a few of the images currently clogging up my desktop.

they are fran├žoise sagan, walnut and crystal from design is mine, more rodarte, a reverse french manicure from saipua (because if you're going to have a french manicure...), and some lettering from an old embroidery book found (i think) via fine little day.

i'm keepin' it goin' on...


Tuesday, September 15, 2009



i used to love finding a pendleton at the thrift store
which rarely happens anymore....
perhaps in oregon?

i did find this sweater at oc -
it reminds me of the sweaters my nana used to knit for me
with needles of two different sizes
only hers were generally a 1984 loopy metallic mauve
(yes, there is such a colour)

i kinda love it...

merry christmas


Sunday, September 13, 2009

pendleton for hipsters


we can never have too many vogels can we?
and how cute are they?
can you imagine the stories involved acquiring each piece?
would love to see this in ny.

and speaking of,
ny is at it again with the OC crew joining forces with Pendleton.
while i'm not up for the fashion hit, i do want a collection of
their grand lodge dishware for a summer cottage in my future
which pretty much means gambier.

back to my elves.

o x j-ish

Friday, September 11, 2009

more vogels to love


have you heard of herb and dorothy vogel?

"the incredible true story of a postal worker and a librarian who built a world-class art collection."

it doesn't look like it will be in vancouver anytime soon
but if you are in ny october 20, it will be showing at baruch college.

hope your elves are helping you to feel especially statuesque.


Thursday, September 10, 2009



you're lost. i'm knee deep in xmas elves.

thought this photo i received from nb this morning could transport you
somewhere else for a moment like it did me.
hop in. we'll go for a lovely picnic in the english countryside. can have it all, it's true.
but why don't you start with oxfords and frocks, long shaggy hair,
always the burger, the co op bonsai, + childlike gouache dutch flowers.

switch it all up in a few months...well maybe not the housing.

i'm here rooting for you
and look forward to seeing the new you
when i come back there next month.

sending love + heirlooms your way,
o x d j

Saturday, September 5, 2009



feeling lost these days:

snakey zombie boots with skinny jeans and men's plaid shirts, or oxfords, tiny 80s denim vests festooned with studs and deeply conceptual black origami frocks?

shiso shochu and pressed mackerel sushi or burgers with iceberg lettuce and processed cheese?

long shaggy hair or a short choppy boy cut?

co-op housing straddling chinatown and strathcona with bonsai in the courtyard or high rent character home just off the drive with heirloom tomatoes and dinner plate dahlias?

childish gouache sketches of vaguely dutch flower arrangements or architectural silhouettes of ikebana and tall ships?

i could go on...

ps (more sister corita for you. love her.)

pss really, i can have it all, no?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

surfacing beneath

hello s.

great warhol site!
not only very inspiring but technologically slick.

i saw this exhibit about to open down the street in brooklyn
and immediately thought of you and the long ago days of your paper organs
at art school.

'Kellner incorporates wall drawing with sculpture made from silk and pigments, exploring patterns of disease and cellular structure and its relation to human behavior.'

will report back when i head out there next.

o x

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

andy warhol


just discovered this site documenting andy warhol's time capsule project, through the blog hi + low.
there's some wonderful bits and pieces ... and makes me wonder if only for a moment if any of my own ephemera will have the same kind of resonance in forty years.

hope the fires are keeping their distance.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

rain parade


happy you're back post wedding family madness
and survived the golf club.
prime rib? wow. always makes me think of the keg.

my weekend was filled with tomatoes and more tomatoes.
and i will be ordering that canal cook book
'roasted tomatoes studded with garlic'...yum.
nice find.

i haven't visited the fred flare sight in a million years
but noticed these cute umbrellas there that are sure to make one
smile even as it pours outside.

can't decide between the ladies - japanese aqua, chinese red,
or the man - french blue. what do you think?

there! fall shopping done. a new cookbook and an umbrella.
do i really need anything else?
okay maybe some new wellies.


lady j