Saturday, September 5, 2009



feeling lost these days:

snakey zombie boots with skinny jeans and men's plaid shirts, or oxfords, tiny 80s denim vests festooned with studs and deeply conceptual black origami frocks?

shiso shochu and pressed mackerel sushi or burgers with iceberg lettuce and processed cheese?

long shaggy hair or a short choppy boy cut?

co-op housing straddling chinatown and strathcona with bonsai in the courtyard or high rent character home just off the drive with heirloom tomatoes and dinner plate dahlias?

childish gouache sketches of vaguely dutch flower arrangements or architectural silhouettes of ikebana and tall ships?

i could go on...

ps (more sister corita for you. love her.)

pss really, i can have it all, no?

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