Friday, September 18, 2009

Ree Morton

'In the sixties, Ree Morton left her life as a Navy wife and mother to pursue a career as an artist. She worked for just ten years before dying in a car crash, in 1977, at the age of forty.'

sad no? but at least she didn't die an unhappy navy wife....

i would like to go see this show in new york before it ends.

i would like to feel normal again after all those night shoots.

today i am off to run errands in an orange and fuchia pink silk shantung dress from the 60's with red sandals. one should wear sunglasses around me today as i am awfully bright. the dress came from an estate sale in palm springs that i hit back in may,
the shoes i bought with you at a vintage store on main st.

that was a beautiful posting of lovely things baronessa.

have a peaceful and happy weekend lounging around in your yogatard.

o x
miss 3 dwarves in one
(sleepy, dopey and grumpy)

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