Thursday, October 29, 2009



just received an email today from tenoversix and their new online store
where i discovered these gems.
kind of wish i could of sported the v. westwood teddy bear t shirt to erin's 40th
but pucci it was
however, am pretty excited about this birthday present to myself
as nothing says 'lezzie nerd' like an old man's loafer
( to go with my new haircut)

i found a great pair in a thrift store in palm springs that were way too big
and haven't had much luck on the leather tie up front
so i am thrilled that these are available in my size.

happy birthday to me and my bruised ribs.

shoe whore

the final issue


have arrived safely back in sunny california and to my pile of mail
which included the last of my gourmet subscription which i just read
will be replaced with bon appetit.
sadness indeed as it immediately made me think of you talking about it
only 2 days ago as we strolled main street.

and now here we are again so far apart.

most definitely time capsule this issue for gala.
maybe she can make us the turkey and all the fixin's one day
while we sip cocktails talking about the good old days.

will be thinking of you while you move this weekend
with or without the hans wegner
and looking forward to seeing your new home next trip.

big hugs + kisses + carbonara to you

o x

Monday, October 26, 2009

hans wegner


those pictures if gambier are so so beautiful, i can almost hear the water -
oh wait, that's just the torrential downpour going on outside, washing and blowing away what remains of the saffrons and reds.

wish i'd caught your post earlier - i would've loved a bowl of sea bass and cilantro congee, "bean leaves," and sliced bbq pork on rice. and maybe some shrimp in rice roll?
perhaps tomorrow?


ps. your recent post on vintage michelin attuned my eyes to this fine hans wegner table for sale down the street (totally different, i know, but a similar line and contrast happening...).
i covet.



it was truly another magical weekend at gambier especially with the sun
shining on all the gorgeous leaves that are changing colour.

the meals, the company, the peacefulness...
wish you could of joined us.

sadie was very happy on her princess bed
and craig was getting artistic with his new iphone down on the dock
(though i don't know what animal that skeleton is.)

congee or noodles today?

o x

Thursday, October 22, 2009

BBW short films

Built by Wendy presents: HARRIS SAVIDES from Kahlil Joseph on Vimeo.

beautiful trinkets baroness.

over the years you've known my love for built by wendy
and now she has branched out into the world of film.
this one, directed by a friend, features an attempted interview
with the very talented cinematographer, Harris Savides.

more of them for you to see here.

am very happy about my yellow wellies on this rainy day.
thanks for yesterday. was so nice to hang out and go to the burbs
and i am still thinking about that delicious BLT.

o x
double j

(and a special shout out to Lady A .... miss you girl ox)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


meat head

if i were rich, i would reciprocate with a few baubles from brooklyn's erie basin:

a necklace made from these combined jet and heavy gold watch chains
and perhaps a carnelian snake necklace, or some vulcanite, or a pair of hair-work earrings.

and maybe this georgian-era ring with rose and table cut diamonds for me.
you know my weakness for anything late 1700s!

soon to be
sweet-east van

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

vintage michelin


so if i was rich and could buy you a few things for your new home,
i might consider some of these vintage michelin pieces available here.

but since i'm not, there is always VV
where we will find you some good stuff.

look forward to thursday.

standing rib roast

Monday, October 19, 2009

more duvet drawings

sahara of the raindrops,

must say it's been a bit of a tough go since i got here but you're beautiful face has helped immensely.
all i can think of is sleep.
okay, and newton VV with you.
night night my dear


Thursday, October 15, 2009



speaking of typography, did i ever share this one with you?
(be sure to watch the footage of their soccer match)
i just rediscovered it on the blog jones fife.


ps thought of you here too.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


welcome my friend

pretty confident you will be enjoying a perfect plate of pasta at some point in the next few days.

there are some beautiful pasta shapes here (and a fairly delicious looking strozzapreti).


our kinda type


found this fantastic high heel type at a new favourite site - Fuck Yeah, Typography
( from Zumra Waheed )

chilly and grey here this morning which makes it kind of nice to just stay in bed a little longer with the kitty purring beside me.

only one more sleep
can't wait.

o x
type ho

Monday, October 12, 2009

lyndie dourthe

happy turkey day my darling.

i am so craving some stuffing and gravy right now for breakfast. hopefully there will be leftovers at c + p's.

found this bit of loveliness over the weekend and thought of you.
i think you will like .... you can visit her shop here.

only 2 more sleeps

Thursday, October 8, 2009

heidi johansen


after listening to mayer kirshenblatt,
and looking at his paintings,
i started thinking about charlie roberts
(and in turn my favourite little fountain wedding cake of a painting at the boys'),
and then i started searching for more charlie roberts
and found heidi johansen's fine little sculptures,
and all things work in circles,

so happy we will be eating dumplings soon
(and japanese food at the senior's center in burnaby?)


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

a few other bits

i will be on my way to Ojai tomorrow for the day but wanted to leave you with this:

Mayer Kirshenblatt, who taught himself to paint at the age of 73, recently had a exhibition at the Jewish Museum in NYC.
The show is over now but do check it out online along with his wonderful stories.

soba workshop classes that i didn't get to in time to sign up but i am on a waiting list.

and wheat stalks that i got at the farmers market today to bring a little fall into the house.

x o

a few for you

our post dim sum table at the imperial from my last visit to vancouver where i hope to go with you next week and eat a dumpling or two for my friend emelie.

tyler's in palm springs makes one mean slider. we'll do this road trip and go thrifting too.

a random mailbox in palm springs taken at night after a few tequilas.

tomatoes at the organic farmer's market last week in santa monica.


a little sad too about missing turkey up there so save me some leftovers.

looking forward to seeing you again so soon and eating our way through
noodle town while we thrift a bit.

can't wait.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009



saddened last night by the announcement that condὲ nast(y) will be closing down our beloved gourmet magazine.

this particular cover is from 1974 though the magazine has been around since 1941.
a grande dame gone.

maybe i should be cooking and eating less anyways so i can envision myself in all these wonderful frocks you have been finding.
i have derailed completely off the fashion map so it's nice to be brought up to date.
(love that stylelikeu inspiration for sure!)
detacher is new to me...beautiful and how about that peacock dress? yes please.

other things in my world: c ran his first triathalon and as when i went to the beach on sunday morning to watch him do the swim portion of it, i noticed our new skate park.

keep up the fashion love and i'll try to hop aboard.


Monday, October 5, 2009

paring it down

congratulations my dear!

i love love love your letterhead, and happy to see you showing them (and selling!)

i'm wasting the hours scouring and wwd, devouring a bit of fashion week inspiration, and while i'm gaga for the encrusted crystallized barnacle ridden pieces like these here, what i really want is a little bit of a detacher - do you know it? a store in nolita i believe, and i want to be there.

see it all here.


catching up

i was part of this group show recently and showed 5 letterhead pieces of which these 4 sold in the first hour of the opening.

this one below still available

am spending today catching up with myself and you while i move studios and pay bills.

the shoot i just wrapped on friday was fast and furious but i did get to put a vintage inspired swimsuit from malia mills and my own belle heir into the mix which made me happy.

will be posting all sorts of things for you this week.

o x
your girl friday

Saturday, October 3, 2009

moon cake

hello lovely,

having a lazy morning lay in after a very hectic week of shooting
and taking a peek at all your latest finds.
loved learning about the cloud project via their slideshow
and found some beautiful leather boots at makie unfortunately
sold out in my size.

i was driving to set yesterday at 4 a.m with the most spectacular moon
keeping me company only to realize that the big one is tonight.

the chinese celebrate this harvest moon with the mid autumn festival 
and eat this traditional moon cake pastry filled with a lotus seed paste.

not really my thing so i'll try to get some dumplings in instead.

miss you , kiss you 
while gazing at the great big moon tonight.

o x
lay zee to fu

Thursday, October 1, 2009

anne percoco


t just sent me a link to anne percoco's indra's cloud:

VRINDAVAN, INDIA. Working with the local N.G.O. Friends of Vrindavan and hosted by Sri Caitanya Prema Samsthana, I created a mobile public sculpture which brings to life a local myth and draws attention to the severely polluted condition of the Yamuna River.

quite beautiful!


ps make sure to have a peak in the slide show at the rope made from discarded labels sourced from local (presumably garment) factories...