Wednesday, October 7, 2009

a few for you

our post dim sum table at the imperial from my last visit to vancouver where i hope to go with you next week and eat a dumpling or two for my friend emelie.

tyler's in palm springs makes one mean slider. we'll do this road trip and go thrifting too.

a random mailbox in palm springs taken at night after a few tequilas.

tomatoes at the organic farmer's market last week in santa monica.


a little sad too about missing turkey up there so save me some leftovers.

looking forward to seeing you again so soon and eating our way through
noodle town while we thrift a bit.

can't wait.


1 comment:

Unknown said...

hi miss jow!

thanks for posting this photo of our last dumpling feast...I am drooling just a little right now at the sight of that post-feast demolition scene! Sounds like you are heading back to Van soon? Please do have a few (or many) on my behalf! And i look forward to more food posts through which i can live vicariously...
xoxo, e.