Thursday, October 29, 2009

the final issue


have arrived safely back in sunny california and to my pile of mail
which included the last of my gourmet subscription which i just read
will be replaced with bon appetit.
sadness indeed as it immediately made me think of you talking about it
only 2 days ago as we strolled main street.

and now here we are again so far apart.

most definitely time capsule this issue for gala.
maybe she can make us the turkey and all the fixin's one day
while we sip cocktails talking about the good old days.

will be thinking of you while you move this weekend
with or without the hans wegner
and looking forward to seeing your new home next trip.

big hugs + kisses + carbonara to you

o x


jezebel said...

I felt a little shiver when that last issue landed in my mailbox. If you call Conde Nast, they'll transfer your subscription to whichever magazine you'd like, or extend a current subscription. No thank you, Bon Appetit.

open to cool said...

Thanks for the tip Jezebel. No Bon Appetit for me. x jow