Sunday, November 29, 2009

more Maira


i am absolutely stunned and saddened by this news. how can they?
and the petting zoo too? boo!
i did sign the petition. do you really think there is a chance of saving it?
i've had many a night of flashlight tag around that crazy dome
and i can't believe you had a family member fall through.

so after reading that fine piece of maira's here (thanks TL/AV for sharing)
i went and had a look at her website as i am mostly familiar
with her children's books that i used to read to the monk.
such an inspiring collection of work.
i immediately thought i should share this little video clip with you.
so very talented indeed.

speaking of great talent how was toque my dear?
i'm sure you probably sold out all of your goodies.
can't wait to hear.

i hear the weather is brutal up there with a continual downpour.
wish i could package up some sunshine for you and post it 1st class.
instead i send, via the airwaves, a great big hug.

happiest sunday to you.

o x
queen of your fan club

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