Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nabe notes

darling s,

i'm 35,000 feet up thinking of how crazy it is that i can be posting from way up here but figured you might be needing this repertoire in you kitchen by now.

the notes and recipes from the nabe workshop are here for you to try.

we made ours in Nabe pots ( japanese clay pots) with burners right on the table
but a good pot on the stove works just as well except you can't do it in batches as easy.
basically, everything you put in the pot should be served right away
then you can do another round as needed.

we started with just a taster of simple tofu warmed in dashi which was so simple
and delicious because the tofu was artisinal.
you take a small scoop of the tofu (no broth) and then top with a drizzle of soy sauce, grated ginger, daikon and bonito flakes.

the next photo is the ingredients for the mushroom Nabe
followed by various misos we tasted to note the variety available.

we filled up on all 3 Nabe's and then finished with the rice dish
all the while drinking sake.
pure heaven.

other random notes while making the nabe you must always remove the 'scum'
from the surface.
you should always have someone at the table dedicated to doing this task.
also constantly tasting the broth to make sure it's perfect even before you add your condiments.

getting hungry up here.
wouldn't mind some Nabe right now but very happy i packed a rice bowl
and am about to watch julie & julia.

o x
lady j

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