Tuesday, November 3, 2009

new shoes for a new year


so today is november 3 and who knew that i shared my birthday with
roseanne barr, dolph lundgren, walker evans and most importantly, lulu,
who sings one of my all time favourite songs.

am just heading out for a walk on the beach to be followed by some soup dumplings, a facial then will finish up the day with dinner at my favourite izakaya place.

am loving my new loafers.
wishing you were near.
o x
lady j


Cheryl Cambras said...

i love your loafers.

I'm Revolting said...

The color of those shoes with the striped socks is pretty much perfect. Swoon.

open to cool said...

thank you for your comments.
i had a perfect birthday in them !
- j -

Unknown said...

happy belated miss jow!!
sounds like you spent it in the most perfect of ways... soup dumplings, beach, and izakaya in one day? Bliss.