Sunday, January 31, 2010

south china seas

ms j

while the drive has countless excellent options for my groceries, there is only one place where i know i can find wild limes, or fresh galangal, curry leaves, or real tortillas, and now it has been decimated, closed indefinately.
and sadly, we certainly won't be driving to the granville island location in the next few weeks -
the city is on lockdown for the upcoming olympics (more on that soon).
(which also means no oyama goodies...)

i'm hungry just thinking about it.
must go eat something.


ps some great interiors on this blog.

Friday, January 29, 2010



one of my favourite authors passed away this week so i will be trying to curl up sometime over the weekend with this book in honor of him.
and strangely enough, i will be showing a braille piece based on a piece of text from this same book for the first time at a gallery in venice this month.

great chopsticks
have a productive weekend drawing your animals.
maybe you can do a bananafish for me?

o x

Thursday, January 28, 2010



such pretty cakes.
what is it about a glass case loaded with pastries?
it goes beyond wayne thiebaud, marie antoinette, or jack kerouac's lunch counters.

here are some magnetized chopsticks for you
stickpecker by microworks.

now to draw polar bears and wolverines.


let them eat cake


there is a nice cafe around the corner from my new casa which has a lovely assortment of cakes and other goodies. i took this photo thinking of you and how i can't wait to take you here.

o x

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ladies in the loo


last night i went to a cocktail party for mr. an te who is visiting from toronto for a few days.
amidst the fabulous and talented people in attendance were these 2 ladies that hung out in the bathroom all night.
unfortunately my iphone pics aren't great but they are.

o x
double j

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

green shoes


of course all this vintage thriftin' for furniture would at least have me find one pair of vintage shoes...these beauties from the 70's are made of the most gorgeous green italian leather that this photo can't even do justice.
(i think this photo is telling me i need moisturizer on my feet though.)

miss sunday mornings with canneloni and the fine company. so happy you are keeping the tradition alive.

any thoughts or comments out there regarding our new banner?
we used to write letters back + forth both typed and handwritten so this is a lovely reminder.

happy tuesday doll.

p.s. the tile in photo is on my balcony at my new casa...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

before and after

cheese curl

perfect sunday morning here -
a walk around trout lake and dim sum.

we did pretty good, with our cannelloni, veggie and shanghai dumplings, gai lan, and crispy tofu (oh crispy tofu!), and the mildest kind of food coma to follow.

wish you could have joined us,
but i'm happy to see you are eating well for yourself down south.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

sheep is chic

your ess-ness,

heading off to bed to count sheep after a very lovely evening out at this event that a foodie friend treated me to.
i kept calling it the last supper as i could die in my sleep tonight and be satisified
(okay not entirely, i think my last meal would be something from paul )
everything was made with sheep's milk cheese from this importer and you can email her to find out where to buy her cheese in your neck of the woods.
her pecorino and azeitao stand out the most from tonights tasting.

the wine pairing balanced it out nicely and i even exchanged a few words with suzanne.
she's lovely + graceful... like you.

night night
cheese curl

p.s. love that lampshade! you should own one.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010



you have the magic, that's for sure.
everything from the thrift store here seems to come from the brick.

i'm still debating my light fixture
for over my vaguely queen anne style dining room table.
i do love this first image, from an old milk deco.
some louis napolean, a bit of gustavian, and a whole lotta aperature,
by claire norcross for habitat.


ps i am loving the idea of real velvet, baby blue, or a silver grey.

art history

(click on to enlarge)

thought you might appreciate this.
more info available here.

the rain continues.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

fairfax flea


the faded leopard print sofa i bought at the fairfax flea market on sunday which i am still not sure about (neither is the kitty) but i got it for a $100 so it might just be a temp or i may have it re-upholstered in light blue velvet.
any thoughts?

but more importantly was the discovery of these delicious homemade empanadas at the market made by the most lovely argentinian woman.
chicken, beef, brocolli and cheese or spinach that she serves with a very tasty chimichurri.
worth the $2 flea market entrance fee just to go have these.

already i plan to return and take some to go
maybe eat while i watch that fassbinder film.

day 2 of the rainstorm here making it purrfect to pull out the nabe pot.

o x

Sunday, January 17, 2010

ali: fear eats the soul


i keep thinking about the patterns and colours in this movie: fassbinder's ali: fear eats the soul.
all those images of emmi in her floral aprons, against wallpaper and upholstery.

i will have to watch it again...

as for the clark parkers, i recently was in that very park and witness to an initiation. quite disturbing, to say the least.
i am fond of ken lum's appropriated symbol though; in it's neon glory it takes on a very different kind of resonance (like an evangelical tent service, instead a tired and wet back alley).

oh east van,
how you confuse me!

Friday, January 15, 2010

a perfect pairing



you are so wonderful !
thank you for this amazing book and it could not of come at a better time seeing the only pot i have to cook out of is my nabe pot.

so i think i'll pull a julie + julia and cook my way through the book one recipe at a time.
i also might have to find some new neighbourhood friends to come join for nabe night as i can't see myself eating these fine concoctions solo.

right now i'm just heating up some miso tofu goodness but really wishing i was going to meet you at congee noodle or legendary and then off for some thriftin'.

o x
hot pot head

Thursday, January 14, 2010

east van rules!

your ess-ness,

i see you have a new piece of art in your neighbourhood and as an east van-ner i am not quite sure what i make of it though immediately i think of the clark park gang and the fear they instilled in all of us when i was younger.
and yes, east van does rule with such lovelies like you and TL and the delicious little nest.

as for your FY symphony post ...yep that pretty much sums up our 2009 .
more specifically i send it out to 2 people in particular + you know who you are.

we are going to be just fine because we are fantastic. your loss gentlemen.

off to the post office to pick up mysterious package from you?

much love to you
o x
lady j

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

millie jackson


it seems you have found a little bit of paradise for yourself.
so lovely,
and beautiful furniture -
you are on your way.

saw this and thought of you.
not directly of you,
but of you and me and 2009.

i'm not sure yet what the 2010 soundtrack is...
maybe birdsong and stevie wonder?
things are looking up.


ps millie jackson found via reference library.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a fresh start


the exterior courtyard of my 1930's deco townhouse apt. and the furniture that
i found at a vintage / thrift store in silverlake the other day.
am trying to channel my inner hollywood regency theme on an ikea budget.
and i too, would love to replace the existing dining room fixture with a fantastic chandelier. love your DIY finding.
we'll see. a sofa is priority right now.

los feliz is f-i-n-e.
a really amazing neighbourhood with everything one needs in walking distance.
it's like venice without the money...definitely more creative and funkier.

next dream home will be a huge modernist box so i can hang those giant sponge balls? not from the eaves but above the dining room table. they're gorgeous.

will go on the hunt this week for the korean taco truck and report back.
i have been going to a wine tasting on monday nights and there is a dosa truck in attendance as well. deliciousness all around.

more soon,

p.s. as for can openers, do not buy the cheap one like i did. a waste of money.

Monday, January 11, 2010

hung from the eaves

california girl

how is los feliz?

leah sent me these images -
i don't really know what they are, but i quite love them.
would like a few to hang from the eaves.

what do you need for your new abode?
a can opener?
in fuschia, no?


Saturday, January 9, 2010

do it yourself


i was just thinking about my chandelier options when i spotted this:
a make-it-yourself, from lindsay adelman.
just download the pdf and build away.

i kind of love it, not least of all as design for the masses.
and here i was pondering vintage french crystal!

sally ann

Friday, January 8, 2010

taco trucks etc

hello dearest

i wanted to make sure you saw this list of street food vendors in los angeles before conde nasty pulls the plug on the gourmet website.
gorditas? carnitas? kimchi quesadillas?
i guess it all depends on where you are
(but i'm dying to try the korean taco truck!)

and there's more here: street food guides to portland, seattle, new york, brussels, istanbul...


my secret garden


love all your latest postings but mostly that fantastic dining room light fixture.
it is CRAZY! should be in some sort of weird design museum.

will look at all your links once i have internet next week as i write this
from the local coffee shop and must run to continue my furniture hunt.
all this moving has completely worn me out but all part of forging a new path for 2010 right?

can't wait take you behind this gate next week so you can see my new home.

have a lovely weekend with a nice pot of something simmering on your stove.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

come for dinner


no kind of kitchen magic can transform a dinner under this light fixture.
it is very badly in need of replacement.
(the swirly plaster ceiling doesn't help).

(there's a certain kind of modernist dynasty gal that could probably make it work, but i don't think its me.)

i'm on the hunt!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

rosemarie fiore

hey firecracker

how great are these process based drawings by rosemarie fiore?

These large works on paper are made by exploding and containing live fireworks (!), resulting in bursts of saturated color that are overlapped and collaged into abstract compositions.

I also love her good-time mix machine: scrambler drawings series and even those waffle drawings.
(found via all the mountains.)

because every new home has many, many empty walls, and we can't just hang our own work!


the pavilion


here is a humble hut for you -

holly ward has built this near perfect dome on the grounds of langara college as part of her artist-in-residency.
the pavilion will have its grand opening on january 14th, and play host to a variety of community based events. i'm quite intrigued.

and congratulations on your new digs.
i'm sure it will be full of magic quite soon, and i can't wait to see pics!
perhaps tomorrow i will share some of my own, including the strange chandelier that badly needs replacing in our dining room. it has great potential, just not in my house.

much love,

Saturday, January 2, 2010

oh yum, dim sum
i have been craving shrimp rice roll, shanghai dumplings, maybe a green onion pancake or two.
i think tomorrow is the day, to initiate a year of eating well.
more nabe and soba.
more braises and celery root mash.
more parking lot hamburgers with processed cheese and iceberg lettuce.

hope your apartment works out
(i will stay cross(ed) for you)


ps beautiful calligraphy and worm holes on this old daifukucho, or ledger, from sri threads.

Friday, January 1, 2010

a good start


beautiful glass baubles which is kind of weird as i was just thinking about glass balls yesterday in my decorating scheme for the new apt. i am hoping to get.
fingers + elbows crossed.

started my new year with dumplings of course as i missed out on ending it last night with soba
instead opting for a wine bar nibble then dance party craziness.

can you say headache today? i can.

just went to see tom ford's new movie 'a single man' which made me want a gin martini, pink cigarette and false eyelashes thanks to ms. moore.

instead tucking in with visions of my grand year ahead.

big hugs to you and the wee ones.

o x
fried rice