Tuesday, January 19, 2010

fairfax flea


the faded leopard print sofa i bought at the fairfax flea market on sunday which i am still not sure about (neither is the kitty) but i got it for a $100 so it might just be a temp or i may have it re-upholstered in light blue velvet.
any thoughts?

but more importantly was the discovery of these delicious homemade empanadas at the market made by the most lovely argentinian woman.
chicken, beef, brocolli and cheese or spinach that she serves with a very tasty chimichurri.
worth the $2 flea market entrance fee just to go have these.

already i plan to return and take some to go
maybe eat while i watch that fassbinder film.

day 2 of the rainstorm here making it purrfect to pull out the nabe pot.

o x


jezebel said...

I am sure about it!!! Do I get to vote?

open to cool said...

thanks for the vote. happy you like it! x jow