Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a fresh start


the exterior courtyard of my 1930's deco townhouse apt. and the furniture that
i found at a vintage / thrift store in silverlake the other day.
am trying to channel my inner hollywood regency theme on an ikea budget.
and i too, would love to replace the existing dining room fixture with a fantastic chandelier. love your DIY finding.
we'll see. a sofa is priority right now.

los feliz is f-i-n-e.
a really amazing neighbourhood with everything one needs in walking distance.
it's like venice without the money...definitely more creative and funkier.

next dream home will be a huge modernist box so i can hang those giant sponge balls? not from the eaves but above the dining room table. they're gorgeous.

will go on the hunt this week for the korean taco truck and report back.
i have been going to a wine tasting on monday nights and there is a dosa truck in attendance as well. deliciousness all around.

more soon,

p.s. as for can openers, do not buy the cheap one like i did. a waste of money.


leah said...

they're made of cedar boughs apparently...look like giant wool pom poms and hang outside sake breweries (do you brew sake?) they start out green and when they turn brown it's the sign that the sake is a ready for drinkin' ...someone must find out how to make them....

open to cool said...

thank you for sharing! i must say i even love them more now that they have to do with sake :) x jow