Tuesday, January 26, 2010

green shoes


of course all this vintage thriftin' for furniture would at least have me find one pair of vintage shoes...these beauties from the 70's are made of the most gorgeous green italian leather that this photo can't even do justice.
(i think this photo is telling me i need moisturizer on my feet though.)

miss sunday mornings with canneloni and the fine company. so happy you are keeping the tradition alive.

any thoughts or comments out there regarding our new banner?
we used to write letters back + forth both typed and handwritten so this is a lovely reminder.

happy tuesday doll.

p.s. the tile in photo is on my balcony at my new casa...


Unknown said...

love the banner :)
and the shoes,
and the tiles!
xox e.

open to cool said...

thanks miss emelie + a happy belated birthday to you! o x jow