Friday, February 12, 2010

go get 'em tiger!

In contrast to the lovable but predictable Ox, the Tiger is master of sudden change, passion, and excitement. The tiger is king of the Chinese jungle, does not bend to authority, defies convention, and eschews habit.

This year promises to surprise us all and we can take advantage of this energy to surprise ourselves: conquer fears, break old patterns, and become the conscious masters of our lives.

Embrace the expansive power of this Tiger year.

your ess-ness,

IT'S OUR YEAR according to my very wise friend in new york who just sent me this the other day + i am sooo ready...goodbye ox year!

the best part is we don't have to pay attention to that crap hallmark holiday known as Valentines Day and instead celebrate chinese new year's with dumplings and other goodies as this year it falls on the same day, February 14th.

if i was to give a heart shaped something to you it would be one of these and a cd of the best break up songs but instead i will go to chinatown to find you a special something and put it in the via snail mail.

saw your alexander post at banquet so we need not say more. sadness.

sending love + chinese cheer your way

o x
lady j

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