Tuesday, February 9, 2010

griffith park


nice to hear you are making your way back into polite society. sounded like you had a very lovely weekend.

i spent mine mostly in front of the computer updating Belle Heir although i did manage to get a hike in at my local, Griffith Park, to take in some fresh air and an amazing view of this fair city.

come late sunday afternoon it seemed all about the Superbowl and though i am not much of an american football fan i was very happy when the underdogs took it
and even happier when the spontaneous post game dance party started up.
forgot how much fun it is to let loose and dance.
dancing + drawing ...good stuff.
as are those string gardens and beautiful japanese textiles.

how's life in the olympic village? i hear there is not much snow but plenty of foreign accents.

miss you and wish we were having congee in an hour.

o x

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