Wednesday, March 31, 2010

bell sleeves


loving the sequin jumpsuit and mural.
+ who knew that julie andrews was in a bad movie? which one is it?
i can only see visions of the sound of music and mary poppins in my head.

as for more bell sleeves...
this recycled polyester dress from H+M for only $20 might fit nicely
into your spring wardrobe as it did mine and the monkey's.
they also have a few other cute ones made from organic cotton in their garden collection.

speaking of gardens,
the flowers have started to bloom in my courtyard and the smell is heavenly.

thinking of you,
jay bird.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010



when i was six months pregnant with lulu we saw badu at the commodore -
i'm sure her spiritual assurance and deep joy spring partly from this experience.
she is a wise, wise woman, as is my now eighteen month old mensch.

and as for the pictures above, from star!, one of the world's worst movies, but how great is that spangled outfit?
and the mural? divine.

as are you.


ps click to get a closer look...

Sunday, March 28, 2010


she's got it down

as it seems these days
"i need a window seat
don't want nobody next to me...."

and in the same breath
"i need you next to me"

you + me "evolving"
+ peeling off layers
wish we were doing it in the same city.


Thursday, March 25, 2010


east is east

love that picture, especially the rays of streaming sunlight:
that shopping cart on the left is ready for ascension.

been saving rollerskates for you.
the first pair from here, and sadly a ladies seven.
the second, from areaware, and the perfect door stop.
or paper weight?

you are still the penultimate roller girl.


ps who knew there were this many definitions for ascension?


upon pulling out of my alley in venice one day, i happened upon this...random shopping carts.
it's one of my favourite photographs so i thought i would share.

o x

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

buddha's hand


that watch is a serious commitment but seriously cool. i haven't worn a watch since the monkey was born and now just rely on ye olde iphone though watches certainly add that nice bit of finishing to one's attire. go purple.

i had dinner at ye olde friend blumer's house the other evening. he had gone to the farmer's market in the morning and composed this menu for my present dietary restrictions.
the buddha's hand lemon came from his tree and i have never seen anything like it. have you?
he mixed it with fennel for a salad which was divine as was the entire meal complete with some lovely pinot's.
(yes, i have been sipping wine again... so much for 21 days)

hope you had some nice warm noodle matter after that pilates class.
i'm about to make some pesto to go with salmon for lunch today
then some retail therapy with the monkey.

sending lemons + sunshine from cali
double j

Sunday, March 21, 2010

time portal

jay bird

wicked good dress that is.
something so fine needs a great big watch to jam things up a bit. i choose the alessi daytimer.
in white?
or black?
or purple?
(who'd of thought i'd ever go back to purple...)
(yeah, we're all feeling that one these days)
look at the sheer volume of it;
this watch, it's a commitment.

love to you and the shrub,
i'm about to drag my ass through the pissing rain for an hour of pilates.
but i'd so rather be communing with you and a glass of vino.

sarah "i-love-love" e.

Friday, March 19, 2010

moth frock


the shrub found your summer frock to go with your manoogian.

happy weekend,


p.s. those paralympic photos are amazing! thank you for sharing.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lauren Manoogian


i realized this morning how little green i have in my wardrobe. cy on the other hand, looked not much different then your leprechaun (sans emerald lips and eyes) (and "shrub" takes on new meaning here...)

i am seriously coveting some laura manoogian baubles.
i love them all, and her tumblr. also, more on her website.

must go order variegated dahlia tubers and currant tomato seeds. also chervil, mache, dinosaur kale...

xo veggi-might

ps incredible images from the paralympics here. and i thought last month was inspiring...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

green day


will you be drinking green beer or green shakes today?
maybe just nibble on some pea shoots for your green hit?
i have got the color green down with all this kale as of late.

recognize this green girl?
she had a photo shoot last weekend with photographer adam hendershotts, and this is just one of the many transformations.
i think a leprechaun would definitely have a crush on her.

hoping you find a four leaf clover out there...
happy st. paddy's !

o x
irish mist

Monday, March 15, 2010

monday's musings


these collections from a project i'm checking in on.
also want to share this photographer's website especially like the video clips at the opening of site where the kid is dancing. (keep refreshing and different videos will be shown)
+ loving this lookbook found via this article.

it's sunny + gorgeous here and when i'm not in front of the computer working
i've been going on lots of hikes in my local parks, griffith and elysian.

off for one now.

o x
day 8

Friday, March 12, 2010

angel dress


i think we all need one of those aerodynamic umbrellas. tres chic especially the ones graced by mina. great animation as well.

i've had this dress pattern in my holding for a few years thinking every summer i will make myself a new frock especially view 1 where you use a 70" round tablecloth to make that piece of fabulous.

the other option would be to head to harvey faircloth where you could buy it ready made along with many other goodies.
easier yes, but it takes all the fun out of hunting for that perfect vintage round tablecloth at VV no?

happy friday my angel.

o x
day 5

p.s j'adore that dress on opening page of this site

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

senz by mina perhonen


that is sad, sad news.
the bruschetta pages in the river cafe easy are probably the most delicious images in all the cookbooks i own (and i am a cookbook whore, to put it gently).

here's an umbrella to love. i spotted this one a while ago, in an architectural and sombre black, and am delighted not only to finally source it, but to see that mina perhonen have (has?) exerted their (his?) quirky influence here. (the senz original i think, in twig.)

will eat salsa verde tomorrow, and think of rose grey.


ps lots more to covet here.

the river's rose

i remember when this cookbook came out in 1995 and how i fell in love.
fresh italian with so many ingredients i had yet to learn about.
their most recent one includes a kale and polenta soup that i would give my vintage alligator handbag just to have a bowl of it right now
(nope kale juice jow, not soup)
sadly the fabulous duo has now become one as ruth has lost her rose.
there is a lovely tribute to rose gray here and when i am finished with this
cleanse i shall sip a whiskey, her tipple of choice and toast her.
day 3

Monday, March 8, 2010

biomimetic butterflies

gourmet girl,

i think you should get some roast duck + dumpling wrappers from chinatown.
add some finely chopped leek and cabbage to your parcel and voila.
much better than chicken in aspic with crescent rolls.

it's spring down here in the south...sunshine, fresh air and a little rain.
i'm going to spend some time this week doing some spring cleaning both on my home and myself.

by the end of 21 days i should be feeling as light as a butterfly.
and speaking of butterflies, i saw this project and wish we could go see this together.

back to my beet juice concoction...

o x
j bird

Thursday, March 4, 2010

gourmet circa 1981


welcome back to the left coast. i'm dreaming of your duck and pea shoot dumplings ... surely there is somewhere in this city where they make a shredded bbq duck dumpling?!?

i wanted to share with you an ever so brief moment of joy i experienced recently, one that was oh so quickly replaced by the ongoing despair i feel for our dear, departed gourmet magazine -
unbelievably, i was fortunate enough to happen upon a stash of vintage gourmets, circa 1981.

with trembling hands i caressed their faded covers, turning each page and waiting for that moment of transport, that instant where i realize that i too can create an elegant yet casual feast for a dozen or so of my closest friends. that my table can be artfully arranged with a witty table scape, the utilitarian transformed by a previously unconsidered juxtaposition of figurine to salt cellar. that i can effortlessly prepare an elegant and amusing meal, served family style, simple dishes elevated by a thoughtful presentation, by clean flavours. fresh, seasonal, local, all coming together blah blah blah:

chicken breasts in saffron sauce with aspic?????
served with (gasp) crescent rolls, sans irony?????
the eighties, a culinary trend i am not yet ready to revisit.

ruth, you were magic.
where are you now?
oh yeah, here.

more soon.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

go go goodness


back on the west coast and still delirious from my fabulous dim sum feast in new york.
it really is dumpling heaven. duck, pea shoots, mushrooms, chive + shrimp, the list goes on....
we really need one here in LA.

also tried out a fabulous new pizza place, saraghina, in bedstuy where i dined with friends and laughed so hard that my cheeks still hurt. those are special moments.

oh new york, how i love you.

are you smiling wearing your new shoes?
your belt buckle finds remind me of your christopher ross posting.
they are gorgeous.

how is the olympic hangover in your fair city?
i watched the game in an east village apartment with fellow canadians while we drank caesars and celebrated canda's victory. yay canada!
i can't imagine how crazy vancouver must have been.

do share the highlights,

o x
california canuck