Tuesday, March 23, 2010

buddha's hand


that watch is a serious commitment but seriously cool. i haven't worn a watch since the monkey was born and now just rely on ye olde iphone though watches certainly add that nice bit of finishing to one's attire. go purple.

i had dinner at ye olde friend blumer's house the other evening. he had gone to the farmer's market in the morning and composed this menu for my present dietary restrictions.
the buddha's hand lemon came from his tree and i have never seen anything like it. have you?
he mixed it with fennel for a salad which was divine as was the entire meal complete with some lovely pinot's.
(yes, i have been sipping wine again... so much for 21 days)

hope you had some nice warm noodle matter after that pilates class.
i'm about to make some pesto to go with salmon for lunch today
then some retail therapy with the monkey.

sending lemons + sunshine from cali
double j

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