Wednesday, March 3, 2010

go go goodness


back on the west coast and still delirious from my fabulous dim sum feast in new york.
it really is dumpling heaven. duck, pea shoots, mushrooms, chive + shrimp, the list goes on....
we really need one here in LA.

also tried out a fabulous new pizza place, saraghina, in bedstuy where i dined with friends and laughed so hard that my cheeks still hurt. those are special moments.

oh new york, how i love you.

are you smiling wearing your new shoes?
your belt buckle finds remind me of your christopher ross posting.
they are gorgeous.

how is the olympic hangover in your fair city?
i watched the game in an east village apartment with fellow canadians while we drank caesars and celebrated canda's victory. yay canada!
i can't imagine how crazy vancouver must have been.

do share the highlights,

o x
california canuck

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Unknown said...

dearest jow,

glad to see you kept up tradition and built some more steamer towers while in nyc.... yum, i live vicariously through those photos! xx/emelie