Thursday, March 4, 2010

gourmet circa 1981


welcome back to the left coast. i'm dreaming of your duck and pea shoot dumplings ... surely there is somewhere in this city where they make a shredded bbq duck dumpling?!?

i wanted to share with you an ever so brief moment of joy i experienced recently, one that was oh so quickly replaced by the ongoing despair i feel for our dear, departed gourmet magazine -
unbelievably, i was fortunate enough to happen upon a stash of vintage gourmets, circa 1981.

with trembling hands i caressed their faded covers, turning each page and waiting for that moment of transport, that instant where i realize that i too can create an elegant yet casual feast for a dozen or so of my closest friends. that my table can be artfully arranged with a witty table scape, the utilitarian transformed by a previously unconsidered juxtaposition of figurine to salt cellar. that i can effortlessly prepare an elegant and amusing meal, served family style, simple dishes elevated by a thoughtful presentation, by clean flavours. fresh, seasonal, local, all coming together blah blah blah:

chicken breasts in saffron sauce with aspic?????
served with (gasp) crescent rolls, sans irony?????
the eighties, a culinary trend i am not yet ready to revisit.

ruth, you were magic.
where are you now?
oh yeah, here.

more soon.

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