Wednesday, April 7, 2010

hockey with my peeps

darling ess,

i love ray johnson and still remember it was you that turned me onto this film about him.
i'll try to channel my inner ray and get it together to send you some mail art + treats soon.

it's just that life has been so busy/hectic lately...
although i did make time go see the canucks get slaughtered by the LA kings with fellow transplanted canadians.
it was very sad indeed.

i also found time to attend an easter dinner at a friends and learned about 'peeps' which are those marshmallow easter treats, here shown in the package and adorning cupcakes.
apparently these little critters are fairly common down here so i got funny looks when i said that i didn't know what a 'peep' was but hey, i'm from canada and that's where my peeps are.

missing you.
o x
chick a dee

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