Tuesday, May 4, 2010

bowl food


this year the monk will be 23. crazy!
seems impossible that all these years have passed by
and yes, you must be exhausted as i remember those years of single parenting all too well.
i'm happy to hear that you are at least getting in some quality hockey time complete with burgers and even a dance party in your future.
yay! right there with you in spirit girlfriend.

lately, i've been finding one of the hardest things about being single is what to eat.?
as much as i love eating out i've been doing it more often than usual so have been trying to dial it back and have been making more of my 'bowl food' this past week which i eat out of my idea of a perfectly shaped bowl with my favourite spoon.

'bowls' from top to bottom -

  • roasted salmon on sesame noodles w/ brocollini
  • dal makhani with quinoa, brocollini, + yogurt mix (yogurt, cukes, lemon juice +zest, garlic, cilantro, s + p, cumin)
  • stir fried salmon, egg, gr. onions, brocollini over jasmine rice sprinkled with soya sauce + seaweed flakes.
  • sag paneer, fried rice with leeks,tomatoes, garlic, + ginger , yogurt mix
  • rice cooked in homemade chicken stock then added cut up chicken, spinach + egg, drizzled with soy sauce, sesame oil, gr. onions, seaweed + gomashiro.
one of my meals throughout the day usually includes one of these and although comforting, it's still kind of lonely cooking only for me.
had friends over for dinner the other night and must try to do that more often.
wish you could come for dinner.

go canucks go!
lady j

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