Tuesday, June 29, 2010

kitties in the loo


am hauling out my embroidery thread and going to pull a laverne on you.

went to a friend's place for dinner last week and when i saw this bathroom, immediately thought of sharing it with you.
what is with LA and people's bathroom decor?
kind of lovin' it.

3 more sleeps...

o x

Monday, June 28, 2010


girl friday (!)

just wanted to quickly share this -
why wait until we are old ladies?


random monday

hello monday,

how was your weekend?
i went to a crazy house party on saturday night with more plastic surgery than you could ever imagine...get me out of here!
then went to go see goldfrapp at the hollywood bowl last night which was somewhat entertaining as i watched people dancing with their glow sticks on a very pleasant summer night.

  • started my day with soba that i made from scratch on saturday mixed with seaweed and baby bak choy
  • a purse i found for michelle for when she is an old dotty lady wearing gloves carrying this.
  • brazil game about to start against chile.... got to run.

love you and all that gorgeous celine wear especially love me a pant suit.
girl friday

Saturday, June 26, 2010



great frocks! myself, i've been coveting a few of these resort looks from celine.
i can only hope that someone does a knock-off. or maybe it's time to pull out my pfaff?

i dunno. hoping for a little street style inspiration from my trip south. i just can't figure out what to wear anymore...

six days!!!


Friday, June 25, 2010

fridays frocks


some great frocks here but unfortunately these 3 that i like are SOLD OUT which is probably a good thing for my wallet.

happy friday and have a lovely weekend!

o x
frockless in feliz

Thursday, June 24, 2010

soba workshop

your ess-ness,

taking a soba making workshop this saturday and hoping i've mastered it in time for your visit so we can slurp together.

who am i kidding?

between world cup, shopping, restaurants, bars, your birthday celebrations, and fourth of july, when will i be rolling out noodle dough?!!

will keep it in my repetoire for next visit up to vancouver.
i'll bring up the special buckwheat flour along with my rollerskates.
those girls look fine don't they?

can't believe it is already thursday...
where did this week go?

o x
j bird

Tuesday, June 22, 2010



i know you love your roller skates, and so i immediately thought of you when i saw these ladies on sunday. part of car free day on main street, their mouth guards and swagger were the real deal.

as for watts tower et al, yes please! (just read that the watts towers are one of nine folk art sites listed in the national register of historic places. now i need to find out what the other eight are.)

and lastly, badu. stay with me crochet with me badu. awesome. she is playing at ambleside park on july 1st as part of lilith fair. sadly, it looks like her only vancouver date...


watts towers


thinking i pick you from the airport and immediately take you for a dumpling fill then thought we would go check out the watts towers as i have never been.

afterwards maybe some shopping around silver lake and los feliz then a wine tasting and tour at the barnsdall art park.

later on maybe we go hit my favourite taco truck and some dancing if we are up for it because i know how you love to dance.

only 10 more sleeps! yay!

o x

p.s. the badu show under the stars surrounded by trees was absolutely magical!

Friday, June 18, 2010

out of print + more

sally anderson,

much like tom's, out of print gives a book to africa for each literary inspired t-shirt purchased. the monk wants the catcher in the rye one and i can't decide.
they also have a great blog.

the weekend is upon us and i remain in futbol world although i will be going to see yet another shared crush this weekend with the very talented janelle monae opening up for her.
what?! pinch me girlfriend! a dream show!

good luck with your market . should be a perfect way to spend a sunday without cars + hang with some good peeps.

o x
super tramp

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

olivetti valentine


i've been waiting to share this typewriter with you since forever. your last post finally reminded me to get on with it; i imagine there is probably a typewriter somewhere in wes anderson's world...
designed by ettore sotsass in 1969, the olivetti valentine is awfully pretty. we are surely deserving of a pair to feature in our world too!

sally "hands of my man" ann

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

and then there is wes


thought i would post another crush we share while i am feeling the love.
(can't rid of that damn ad bar as the video width is cut. do you know how to fix?)


Monday, June 14, 2010

girl crush

hello lovely,

the monk took me to a special screening of this movie on saturday followed by a Q + A with tilda swinton afterwards and she is nothing short of amazing.
beautiful, intelligent, eloquent, charming, funny...i am in love.
the film itself is a must see with plenty of nods to great european films of the past and lots of food being devoured.
as tilda who also produced on this said, they were jokingly calling it 'gastro porn' and there is one scene she described as 'prawnography' as you will see.
also, her 1992 debut film, Orlando, is being re-released this summer so we can swoon all over again.

seems you had a little gastro porn of your own down in blood alley.
it all sounds so delicious. i can't wait to go there with you.

o x
lady j

p.s. japan won it's first ever world cup game this a.m. on foreign soil . a huge triumph for them!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

judas goat


made it down to blood alley the other night for tapas at judas goat.
some of the best restaurant food i've eaten just about forever.

a kind of terrine of lamb cheek wrapped in savoy cabbage with truffle oil.

sable fish cooked sous vide with smoked paprika and lemony israeli couscous.

gin, fennel and olive oil compressed watermelon with shaved feta and radish.

a positively joyous salad comprised of tiny perfect cubes of ricotta salata, frisee, the freshest green peas, and mint leaves.

these descriptions hardly do the food justice. if you are back in august we will bring our stomachs there first thing.


ps. so i have rain, and s.u.v.s, and a rain forest (more rain), and judas goat, and hollywood north. l.a. has sunshine, citroens, lemon trees, lucques, mocca, street, and some fine taco love. and hollywood. either way we are missing each other! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Thursday, June 10, 2010

world cup 2010


i hardly would consider myself a sports fan unless of course it's world cup soccer or olympic hockey finals.
that being said the FIFA world cup starts tomorrow and i plan on going into my soccer cocoon for the next little while and especially looking forward to the England vs. USA game on saturday.
tomorrow's opening game starts with the host country, South Africa vs. Mexico should also be good and that's just the beginning.
by the time you arrive, it will be really exciting as they go into the quarterfinals and maybe we can watch part of a game while eating pizza at your birthday lunch.

o x
lady j

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

hump day is right!


this car is parked outside my apt. and right now i wish i could hop in it and drive as far away as possible from this stupid town.
some days i really hate LA and today is one of them.

i thank the stars you are coming.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

food coma


that was quite the triple header you had and i love that photo!
should we start a band? or maybe just a dance troupe?
i am loving this group here in LA and am secretly pining to join.
maybe you , a + t , jm and others should start the vancouver version?
just put on those vintage dresses and sing ladies!

unless of course, your mouth is full
like mine pretty much was this weekend in culver city.
on sat. went to the culver city art walk + stumbled upon the infamous kogi truck
and must say i was a tad disappointed after all the hype.
my korean short rib taco was on the sweet side and the korean chicken taco was not really any big deal.
my friend, mister k, had the quesadilla which he had to keep removing bits of pork fat from as there was too much.
maybe i just didn't try the right things as i am limited by the spicy factor.
we can always give it another try when you are here.

then sunday, back in culver city i attended the share our strength event with blumer who was part of the auction ( dinner at his house for 4 people helped raise $2000 for the this cause)
it was an amazing food event and as you can see the first stop was ms. goin's with you in mind where i had the most amazing cup of yellow tomato gazpacho!
other highlights were a hamachi taster and a liquid olive which i will explain when i see you in only 24 days !! yay!

needless to say i left the event in a complete food coma and will return again next year with my bib on.

making some 'hard to get' reservations today in anticipation of your arrival.

o x
lady j

Saturday, June 5, 2010

the pack a.d.


good morning sunshine.

had a triple header last night:
  • drinks with a and t at the diamond. nice room but so-so atmosphere (is that a contradiction...?), AMAZING gyoza made in-house with sloping hills pork. yum.
  • birthday dinner for jm at nuba - lebanese deliciousness, shared all around.
  • the pack a.d. at the biltmore. wow. they killed it. (and got me wishing i was in a band and 24 again, which in general is an age i was happy to leave behind (because let's be honest, 24 stank for me).
twenty-seven days until i see you again!


ps. a and t as in tams, not tim :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

tobias wong


i just read that the very clever tobias wong has also left us this week.
did you hear much about it in vancouver as he hailed from our dear city.
another talent will be missed.
read the full article here.

o x

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the sculptress


seems like only yesterday when we were at art school studying the shapes of louise bourgeois, the first woman to have a solo show at the MOMA.
she has now left us at the age of 98 and will be missed.
more from this article here.

o x
double j

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

i die


poolside chillin' would be much better wearing this.
as rachel zoe would say, 'i die'

o x
j bird