Tuesday, June 8, 2010

food coma


that was quite the triple header you had and i love that photo!
should we start a band? or maybe just a dance troupe?
i am loving this group here in LA and am secretly pining to join.
maybe you , a + t , jm and others should start the vancouver version?
just put on those vintage dresses and sing ladies!

unless of course, your mouth is full
like mine pretty much was this weekend in culver city.
on sat. went to the culver city art walk + stumbled upon the infamous kogi truck
and must say i was a tad disappointed after all the hype.
my korean short rib taco was on the sweet side and the korean chicken taco was not really any big deal.
my friend, mister k, had the quesadilla which he had to keep removing bits of pork fat from as there was too much.
maybe i just didn't try the right things as i am limited by the spicy factor.
we can always give it another try when you are here.

then sunday, back in culver city i attended the share our strength event with blumer who was part of the auction ( dinner at his house for 4 people helped raise $2000 for the this cause)
it was an amazing food event and as you can see the first stop was ms. goin's with you in mind where i had the most amazing cup of yellow tomato gazpacho!
other highlights were a hamachi taster and a liquid olive which i will explain when i see you in only 24 days !! yay!

needless to say i left the event in a complete food coma and will return again next year with my bib on.

making some 'hard to get' reservations today in anticipation of your arrival.

o x
lady j

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