Monday, June 14, 2010

girl crush

hello lovely,

the monk took me to a special screening of this movie on saturday followed by a Q + A with tilda swinton afterwards and she is nothing short of amazing.
beautiful, intelligent, eloquent, charming, funny...i am in love.
the film itself is a must see with plenty of nods to great european films of the past and lots of food being devoured.
as tilda who also produced on this said, they were jokingly calling it 'gastro porn' and there is one scene she described as 'prawnography' as you will see.
also, her 1992 debut film, Orlando, is being re-released this summer so we can swoon all over again.

seems you had a little gastro porn of your own down in blood alley.
it all sounds so delicious. i can't wait to go there with you.

o x
lady j

p.s. japan won it's first ever world cup game this a.m. on foreign soil . a huge triumph for them!

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