Saturday, June 12, 2010

judas goat


made it down to blood alley the other night for tapas at judas goat.
some of the best restaurant food i've eaten just about forever.

a kind of terrine of lamb cheek wrapped in savoy cabbage with truffle oil.

sable fish cooked sous vide with smoked paprika and lemony israeli couscous.

gin, fennel and olive oil compressed watermelon with shaved feta and radish.

a positively joyous salad comprised of tiny perfect cubes of ricotta salata, frisee, the freshest green peas, and mint leaves.

these descriptions hardly do the food justice. if you are back in august we will bring our stomachs there first thing.


ps. so i have rain, and s.u.v.s, and a rain forest (more rain), and judas goat, and hollywood north. l.a. has sunshine, citroens, lemon trees, lucques, mocca, street, and some fine taco love. and hollywood. either way we are missing each other! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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