Tuesday, August 31, 2010

fabulous dead people


the eloquence of your wikipedia caesar link has set me craving a celery salt encrusted tumbler crowned with a towering celery stalk -
instead, i am sipping tap water before bed, after thoroughly enjoying the entries over at christopher petkanas' nytimes blog, fabulous dead people.
all the bitchy details of the lives of such great luminaries as bubbles rothermere (top), richard onley, rudi gernreich (bottom), and the great millicent rogers.

if you have seven minutes you may also want to watch this rudi gernreich-peggy moffitt treasure, basic black.

hope you are settling in,
counting the days as i am,

Monday, August 30, 2010

flying high


back here in one piece and must say the flight would of been all the more pleasant had the flight attendants been wearing these outfits...
so fine ... so 1971 southwest airlines.
JB and i kicked it with a caesar at the airport and some fine plonk up at 25,000 ft. while looking at old photos. so perfect.

monday night supper here
and i am on my way to bed.

tomorrow it will all seem like some magical dream.

miss you so much already,
j bird

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the night market


hit the night market in chinatown on saturday for my fill of stuffed animals, sunglasses, panties and bras with extra extra padding.
actually i didn't buy anything but did enjoy some fine dining from various street vendors including BBQ skewers cooked to perfection and some delicious fried rice roll in soy sauce. yum! finished the evening off with a couple of chino margaritas at bao bei.

can't believe this is my final week here
and so happy there is such lovely weather for it.

when do i see you next? noodles somewhere? call me.

lady j

Friday, August 20, 2010

kelly lamb


remember the planters we saw in silverlake?
are these the same?
i'm not sure if it's the pots or the succulents that do it for me. i'm already mad for aeoniums...

found a spot with cheap joie tonight. has made me happy to spend the rest of the evening perusing my archives and planting imaginary california gardens in my head.
hope you are busy working on your personals...


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

UBC botanical garden


a few shots from my walk the other day in the botanical gardens.
a magical place to stroll around with fine company and some carrot sticks.
see you at legendary at 12:30

o x
double j

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


still savouring our weekend getaway and this delicious pasta.
the chanterelles were such a treat
as were you.
still floating in the sea

Friday, August 13, 2010

erin flannery


couldn't stay awake long enough to catch the meteor shower but did manage to see a falling star or two as the pistachio + bergamot lemon encrusted halibut slowly digested in my tummy.

saw these this morning and once again thought of you and your watercolour silhouettes of years ago.

call me...let's congee.

o x

Thursday, August 12, 2010



tonight is night to catch the perseid meteor shower, peaking at around eighty meteors an hour between midnight and dawn.
if there ever was a night to be at gambier...

(perseus was the greek hero who killed medusa and saved andromeda from a sea monster. wasn't that in clash of the titans?)

starlight to you

image from here.

the yellow boots


went to the farmers market on sunday and as we were walking back to the car, AV snapped this.
nothing like a hit of yellow to brighten things up on a rainy day.

o x

Wednesday, August 11, 2010



will definitely be coming by the market to see your fine wares and enjoy a fish taco or two.

yesterday i found this at the salvation army thrift store + hoping it helps kick start more letterhead drawings to go with the film we shot on saturday.

for a minute i thought it might be the same as the typewriter here but mine is a more modern machine and a cougar.

do you think it's a subtle hint for me to play with kids my own age?

o x
type ho

Monday, August 9, 2010

market at eugene choo


oh yum!
so sorry to have missed that feast, but damn!
those marcella meatballs made my day (that red didn't hurt either!)

i know you are contemplating gambier (gambier?) this weekend, but if you are here, banquet will be at the market at eugene choo this saturday from 10 to 3.
in the back parking lot, we'll be the table with the sea animals, waterbirds, and twenty northern friends. and new silk scarves, and hankies, and hopefully new laser cut mobiles. so excited about these!!!

last month there were cupcakes, sunja link for kids, aeoniums, geodesic earings, and real fish tacos. who knows what this week will bring, but i highly recommend a trip up main street.

enough with the blatant self promotion. what are you eating tonight?


eugene choo
3693 main street

indian feast


can't even begin to say how amazing it is being here in the same city as you
though it does slow our postings here.
forgot to take pictures of our spaghetti + meatball dinner last night
but did snap these from our delicious indian feast the other night
where you were missed.

getting ready to head your direction to return the camera equipment from our shoot saturday and thank the stars above that you were there to help me.

we may go to the lab for color timing tomorrow.
would love for you to join.


Monday, August 2, 2010


hello dearest

i'm back from the fringes, the outer reaches, that sliver of sand overflowing with humanity that marks the gateway to desolation sound. oh what contradictions!

but it's still hot, and i'm thinking about a chilled glass of the beetroot soup i made a few weeks ago. from this book (david tanis i love you), it is simple and refreshing and oh so pretty.
and where are you? so close and yet so far? reveal yourself so i can feed and amuse you. lord knows i can be amusing!


ps i LOVE lorna simpson. her eye is bang on. smart too.

pss happy birthday to the shrub, the third of the thirds. xoxoxo.