Monday, August 9, 2010

market at eugene choo


oh yum!
so sorry to have missed that feast, but damn!
those marcella meatballs made my day (that red didn't hurt either!)

i know you are contemplating gambier (gambier?) this weekend, but if you are here, banquet will be at the market at eugene choo this saturday from 10 to 3.
in the back parking lot, we'll be the table with the sea animals, waterbirds, and twenty northern friends. and new silk scarves, and hankies, and hopefully new laser cut mobiles. so excited about these!!!

last month there were cupcakes, sunja link for kids, aeoniums, geodesic earings, and real fish tacos. who knows what this week will bring, but i highly recommend a trip up main street.

enough with the blatant self promotion. what are you eating tonight?


eugene choo
3693 main street

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