Wednesday, December 1, 2010

japanese prints


there are three japanese woodblock exhibitions happening in your general vicinity right now (the most general kind of general), the most interesting probably being in pasadena at the norton simon museum, and featuring among other things utagawa hiroshige's thirty-six views of mount fuji (or mount jow, as it is now better known) (and different from hokusai's).

but if you can you should probably get down to the san diego museum of art to see an exhibition that includes work from cora timken burnett's collection:

cora timken burnett was a roller bearing heiress and self-financed sculptor who collected asian art and paranoid ideation. in the 1920s she married a boy-toy who also happened to be a dr. frankenstein. osteopath and scientist dr. john clawson burnett believed he might cure all ills with electromagnetism. cora’s wealth bought him a suitably electrified laboratory in the new jersey palisades. it was part of the couple’s 50-acre compound, featuring a green-tiled house designed by cora, a swimming pool shaped like a coiled snake, and an art collection that featured a reconstructed indian temple. dr. and mrs. burnett were nuts about security (even compared to neighbors in celeb-ghetto alpine, nj). they had a barbed wire fence, a kennel of guard dogs, and and unfinished 200-foot-long fallout shelter, big enough to store their collection.
(william poundstone, quoted from here)


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