Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a bustle and a birkin


that is a great tom clip.
gorgeous pieces on a great assortment of lovely ladies presented in an intimate surrounding...
that man is the style king!

and yes please to the new culinary delights of the san juan's.

today is 1/11/11 and i am in full swing with a few new year's resolutions.
one being getting my booty into shape and having gone to the most torturous workout class yesterday i may just start to fashion a bustle like the ones i saw at the lacma on sunday.
the other 2011 promise to myself was a birkin bag and i have finally found one that fits my budget.

so 11 days in i've managed to cross 2 of the list.
i think this may be a good year after all and a smiling crescent moon as i drove home the other night seem to confirm it.

hope you are feeling better soon.
last week was homemade chicken noodle soup everyday which sounds like it just might be the thing for you.
will let you know when the meat arrives.

big hug,

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