Tuesday, March 29, 2011

osteria + more

darling s,

ES's visit was coming to an end so on saturday we tried to squeeze as much fun in as we could including dumplings at DTF, french 75's in the garden, a little art and of course some fine dining at Osteria Mozza...of course, all inspired by the list you gave her.
the evening was finished off at my new local with a wee dram of scotch (or 3) and a very funny lad by the name of jack.

a perfect day!

above - little cozies i made for the giraffes that kept us company at the burrata bar,
my favourite dish is the orchiette with sausage + chard though the ricotta gnudi with green garlic + pea tendrils was absolutely divine.

thanks for sharing karlheinz...
time for me to re-do my denim closures and craft a metal plate portrait or two.

love you,
me so

Sunday, March 27, 2011

karlheinz weinberger


t sent me the first image above (note the savvy way to carry the latest magazines), and a little sleuthing unveiled the book rebel youth by karlheinz weinberger, "quiet warehouse worker by day and a photographer of the (1950s and 60s) half-Stark, gay Zurich rocker scene by night."

i love the flies in the bottom pictures (what a great way to customize your jeans), and this john waters quote from the newly released rizzoli book:
karlheinz weinberger was from switzerland??! you gotta be kidding me.
more here and here.

gotta go, making minestrone, and need to try on everything in my closet inside out and backwards. it's never to early to start!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

advanced style

Advanced Style: Age and Beauty on Nowness.com.

some inspiration for your day...
wear a little something different today
or maybe just wear it backwards.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

hot turkey

darling ess,

am loving the destroyer sound but unfortunately all the tickets are sold out and i have a film peeps in town tonight for a dinner gathering.
do keep me posted when you hear they are headed here next...

above, hot turkey sandwich at my new local diner up the block which i thought was a good idea at the time...not so much. had 2 bites as ES looked on and laughed, then covered the monstrosity up with a napkin.
one could definitely destroy something eating this.

beware of the hot turkey sandwich!
or maybe just save that craving for the day after thanksgiving when you make it at home with a little stuffing and some homemade gravy.

o x

Saturday, March 19, 2011



i spent my st patricks day at a show too, in this case, destroyer at the commodore. so good!
they'll be playing in west hollywood at the troubadour on tuesday. GO. take JB and ES and AS. buy tickets NOW. and think of me when he plays the pretty flute.


Friday, March 18, 2011


your essness,
we went to go see the amazing incredibly talented Hahn-Bin last night at the Hammer...
he is a very good toxin indeed and i will be feeling the effects for many days.

Monday, March 14, 2011

chateau smith

erin has arrived!
i bought this bottle at last thursday's tasting and then BB customized it.
cheers doll. we will clink to you!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

tadao ando

my darling fashionista,

as you watched the canucks, i sat listening to tadao ando speak of his work in a hushed japanese tone telling insightful + funny stories which were brilliantly translated by one of his co-workers.
did you know he used to be a boxer and has had no formal training in architecture which is pretty genius considering how beautiful and pure his work is.
above are two churches he designed in japan, the bottom one being the most famous "the church of light" which he showed to bono and then was commissioned to do his house in dublin.
what i really want a peek at is the ranch he did for tom ford....

also at the hammer, i took in this show prior to the lecture and wished i would have taken you here as there is some great work.

the sun shines + i continue unpacking boxes...

o x
j bird

p.s. did the canucks win?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


dearest -

my desktop is littered with debris from milan and paris. david bowie meets the ballets russes? how can i refuse? and those dresses look damn cozy. 
loved marni too.
and a détacher. and a bit of fendi.
and some of the lamé print dresses at etro.
i'm so predictable.
it's all a bit cozy librarian chic, but i guess that's pretty much where i am these days. i just want to be warm!

more dresses here, and despite my yearning for double lined cashmere mukluks, i am wishing even more to be with you in the california sunshine.

sally ann.

socks + shoes

some dries love for you over at the sartorialist...
miss motel 6

Monday, March 7, 2011

cukes + candles

darling ess,
after a lackluster art excursion saturday afternoon, SLS and i put together an impromptu dinner plan over a couple of bloody mary's.
the sun was finally warming our souls and SLS decided it was time to open her patio for the season.
we went grocery shopping at this great armenian place over in atwater village
then hit SLW for some bubbles to keep us company as we prepped.
JB arrived with french 75 fixin's,  KN with lovely white wine
and then onto our feast...
grilled lamb, roasted potatoes, greek salad, delicious bread, babaganoush, red eggplant dip
and a little salsa verde to top it all off.
add yummy red wine + the warmth of glowing candles = perfect evening.
wish you had been in the mix.
j bird