Monday, March 7, 2011

cukes + candles

darling ess,
after a lackluster art excursion saturday afternoon, SLS and i put together an impromptu dinner plan over a couple of bloody mary's.
the sun was finally warming our souls and SLS decided it was time to open her patio for the season.
we went grocery shopping at this great armenian place over in atwater village
then hit SLW for some bubbles to keep us company as we prepped.
JB arrived with french 75 fixin's,  KN with lovely white wine
and then onto our feast...
grilled lamb, roasted potatoes, greek salad, delicious bread, babaganoush, red eggplant dip
and a little salsa verde to top it all off.
add yummy red wine + the warmth of glowing candles = perfect evening.
wish you had been in the mix.
j bird

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