Tuesday, March 29, 2011

osteria + more

darling s,

ES's visit was coming to an end so on saturday we tried to squeeze as much fun in as we could including dumplings at DTF, french 75's in the garden, a little art and of course some fine dining at Osteria Mozza...of course, all inspired by the list you gave her.
the evening was finished off at my new local with a wee dram of scotch (or 3) and a very funny lad by the name of jack.

a perfect day!

above - little cozies i made for the giraffes that kept us company at the burrata bar,
my favourite dish is the orchiette with sausage + chard though the ricotta gnudi with green garlic + pea tendrils was absolutely divine.

thanks for sharing karlheinz...
time for me to re-do my denim closures and craft a metal plate portrait or two.

love you,
me so

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