Thursday, March 10, 2011

tadao ando

my darling fashionista,

as you watched the canucks, i sat listening to tadao ando speak of his work in a hushed japanese tone telling insightful + funny stories which were brilliantly translated by one of his co-workers.
did you know he used to be a boxer and has had no formal training in architecture which is pretty genius considering how beautiful and pure his work is.
above are two churches he designed in japan, the bottom one being the most famous "the church of light" which he showed to bono and then was commissioned to do his house in dublin.
what i really want a peek at is the ranch he did for tom ford....

also at the hammer, i took in this show prior to the lecture and wished i would have taken you here as there is some great work.

the sun shines + i continue unpacking boxes...

o x
j bird

p.s. did the canucks win?

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo of Church on the Water... my wife and I were actually married there in Tomamu. Thanks for posting.!