Saturday, April 9, 2011

blank city

Blank City Official Trailer from Celine Danhier on Vimeo.

hiya sweetie

so i am shorn, and somehow "keep it long in the front," was heard as "give me stoopid-short half-inch bangs all along the front like a helmet meets joan of arc."
so i am trying to play up he mia farrow meets jean seberg thing, and forget that i am not in fact a 22-year old ingenue.

so in the vein of being the star-of-my-own-movie (which i truly believe is how we all should approach our lives), i've decided i need to see this movie, about the independent film scene in new york in the late 70s and mid 80s. if i can't find it here i'm hoping i can track it down when i'm actually in new york in may...

but i have a feeling somehow, someway, i'll be seeing you sooner.
sally "love is a home made turkey sandwich with cranberry" ann

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